Other benefits of Swimming

For sometime I was thinking about learning swimming and I am glad that I finally did. Not only is it an excellent exercise to remain fit but it introduced me to whole new different world, I will try to summarize few things which I felt during this incredible process but I am sure that I will not able to do justice in describing the emotional and metaphysical experience of it as they say “it is like sweetness of honey or pleasure of sex which you will not know unless you experience it

Conquer your fears

This is the first thing many people feel the first time they think about swimming, as one of my colleagues said to me “humans were not supposed to be in water”. If I am honest for the most part I was not fearful except at the time of high dives, even after taking all the precautions when time comes for the leap of faith you still can shit your pants. Having said that, let me tell you that learning the dives was the most amazing and fun filled experience in the whole process of learning swimming. Once you gather the courage to do it once, you realize how fear can be converted into fun and how fear of death stops us from living.

Relaxing medium

Once you become comfortable in the water you feel that there is something relaxing about it. You feel this new medium and its gatherdness. You feel light weighted. I feel swimming comes close to the feeling of flying (if we could).


Like almost all other things in the world one has to understand different parts involved in it, be it your kicks, arm movements, posture of body etc but only when these different parts work together in synchronization is one able to swim.Once has to practice in-order to understand and master the flow.


If you don't enjoy it don't do it , it one of the motos which I believe in and try to practice everyday. It is fascinating that naturally our bodies have a tendency to float , for most part it is not the water which drowns you, it is you. In today’s world people relate recreation with sitting in-front of the TV and watching movies or serials. I was like that once, but once you truly realize that you life is going to end, you will not feel content with fake things, you will crave for the taste of true things. There is whole new world out there just stop listening tales of others and explore your own personal legend.

I hope this article has given glimpse of how swimming can be a great experience and other great benefits which you can reap from it. One more thing, after learning swimming your probable chances of dying under water are reduced by a huge margin.

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