Pray to cry again with laughter not with pain.

Voice from vale is giving it a try,
to convey the echoes and the outcry.
of a bird, who wants to fly,
for whom the cage was never too high.
of a girl, who never used to cry,
now can’t smile as she lost her eye.
of a scholar, who’s ink was yet to dry,
was executed for not being an ally.
of a sister, awaiting her brother to drop by,
squashed on the ground was he like a fly.
of a neighbor, who used to share his pie,
in refuge camps he was left to die.
of a half-widow, waiting for her husband’s hi,
who was buried unmarked under the blue sky.
Alas voice wailed, I failed to imply,
these are tragedies one cannot quantify.
Scenes that crush souls and make bodies petrify
oh my Master! you are the only one who can pacify.

This piece was highly influenced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb ‘s book black swan and the unfortunate situation in Kashmir.

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