Ray of 4 am tales to begin with.

As I looked into your eyes, it made all senses. You had fallen for someone else. Lies. Eyes, lies. I saw it in there. Let time decide. What time? Define the term time. Also, what implications does the term ‘forever’ tag along?

“I’ll always be there for you , always.”

As much as I wanted to Lie to myself and believe that the stars I am seeing in your eyes were just a reflection of the ones in mine. I couldn’t help but notice that I was the only one who wanted to keep going. I knew there was nothing else left for me to do , but to give up rather than to look and fight for a battle I had no idea and I choose not to give up. Again.

“Stop complicating things, let’s keep them simple, please. “

I tried to understand that maybe you just found a friend in her, but when I asked you if you liked her you said you don’t know, that now that, I couldn’t understand.

“I’m nothing but perfect when I’m with you.”

We have to ignore some of our questions. Sometimes we have to ignore these tantalising questions and trust that in time we will find the answers and that the answers may not be what we wanted.

“I’m a little confused now, what are We?”

It’s hard to ignore the things that bother us but it’s harder to live with all these burdens as they weigh us down when we pay too much attention to, your eyes.

“Let’s not talk about it, ever.”

PS: nothing but conversation from nowhere.

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