BIPOC Independent Shops, Artists, & Services to Support this Holiday Season (And All Year, Really)

Collage by Shakur Arts

As an artist, writer, and more, I have lots and lots of artist, writer, and other friends who own their own businesses, provide services, and or are selling their art and other products. For those who are committed to supporting more Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, buying from our shops, using our services, and even straight up donating in support of us, makes a huge difference. So I asked my friends to provide me their links and information to compile a list for others to work from. This list may be updated because I was surprised to not get a lot of response to my query, so you might bookmark this to check back too!

  • Cee Martinez sells art. They can also be found on Instagram.
  • Sumayyah Talibah is “a Black disabled person who hand makes mostly one of a kind jewelry pieces for wearing and display.” Their shop is Sumayyah Said So, and they accept donations via Paypal. They can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Tina Gulmohamed is “a brown bisexual woman. I make and sell handmade soaps. My brand is called Duchess of Soapshire. I hope to earn enough to pay Etsy fees, so for now I sell on my personal FB page. If you follow me you can see the posts. I also take donations through PayPal: I need money to buy soap supplies,cat food and cat litter.” You can also find her soaps on Instagram.
  • Chasity Khanyi Millen’s Love & Light Healing offers her own “natural body care products, apothecary items, and handmade jewelry.” Also “I also offer Reiki & Intuitive services and teach a variety of workshops. I also just released a spiritual journal called The Goddess Life Journal which is less expensive on my website versus Amazon.” Thru her new endeavor Green Eyed Goddess, you can also sign up for a monthly subscription box of goodies. “It is a curated collection of handmade jewelry, apothecary items, natural body care products, metaphysical tools (crystals, herbs, resins, etc), and a work of art by a selected artisan.” Sign up by November 25 if you’d like to get the December 5 box. Love & Light Healing is on Instagram and Facebook, and Green Eyed Goddess is also on Instagram and Facebook. Donations are accepted via Paypal.
  • Rosa Cabrera “founded RooT (Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence) to support survivors of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse by perpetrators with social and political clout. We will be looking for lead team members and volunteers soon! Learn about us on Facebook, join our newsletter, and donate to our fundraiser for seed money.”
  • Kenyatta Jean-Paul García is a writer and poet whose books are available at their Amazon page.
  • elle kayson is an “author of urban and traditional African American romance. elle’s first completed urban series was an Amazon best seller.” All of her books are on her Amazon page, and you can also follow her on Facebook.
  • Dominic Bradley says, “My creative practice involves collapsing the boundary between public and private. I give voice to that which has been shamed, misunderstood, or denied. Although I am a multidisciplinary artist, I currently offer articles, essays, and commentary. I aim for that sweet spot where identity, culture, spirituality, and healing intersect.” You can find them on Facebook, by email to, read a sample of their writing at Rest for Resistance, and donate to them via Paypal.
  • Dom Chatterjee runs Armed With Compassion and The Logical Editor. They are “a freelance editor and writer, community organizer for QTPoC Mental Health, and healer about to begin yoga teacher training. My Armed with Compassion bracelets are made from materials that are carefully sourced from people of color. Each mala bracelet comes with an affirmation to support self-love and self-care. I also specialize in helping individuals secure their dream opportunities, which involves custom-designing résumés and co-creating cover letters and application essays.” They can be found on Instagram and receive donations via Paypal.
  • Rosy Ricks of Paradise Home says, “Paradise Home is the result of years of dreaming of a home I’ve never known, and creating something from nothing. I am committed to cultivating cultural visibility, self love, and personal style. I specialize in Southern patchwork quilts, accessories, vintage jewelry, note cards, and hand poured massage candles. Every item is hand-made, with an emphasis on quality and beauty. I’m happy to accommodate custom orders, and I am also happy to do payment plans. Please check out the Paradise Home Etsy shop, or see what we’re up to on Instagram.” She also accepts donations to support her work via Paypal.

As your host, here are all the ways you can support me: My primary website provides links to everywhere you can find me online, as well as all of my services, my bio, a statement of purpose, etc. I sell one-of-a-kind art, stationary, knit & crochet wear, fiber necklaces, and more at the Shakur Arts shop. I offer intuitive tarot and goddess inspiration readings as well. You can read links to my online writing, and if you prefer to read my art-related writing exclusively that is also available. I also offer freelance writing, editing, sensitivity reading, and consulting in a number of areas, all of which services and rates are available here. I am on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. And I can take donations through Paypal.