100 Days of Code Journey: Day 10 - 10%

What I did on Day 10?

I worked through a couple of sections of the Web Developer Bootcamp course by Colt Steele. I completed the sections on command line, and Node js and I am partly through the section on server side frameworks, starting with an introduction on Express js.

How do I feel about my progress on Day 10?

I really enjoyed learning about Node, NPM and Express js. It was really cool (for lack of a better word) going into the back end and understanding how the front end links with it. I don’t know if I’m rushing into the back end but it is the next part of the web developer bootcamp course so I can’t be to far off. The course doesn’t go into Angular or React, and it doesn’t go through Sass either, so I will have to learn these (React and Sass) from alternative sources.

I feel like I need to start building a portfolio of websites to practice the skills I already have, as currently I am learning the more technical parts of JavaScript and jQuery (building small web apps), but I’m lacking a portfolio of websites that I can show potential employers. I think a good goal would be to build a couple (3–5) landing pages that are responsive and well designed.

Plan for Day 11.

  1. Complete the Express section f the Web Developer Bootcamp course by Colt Steele.
  2. Build a couple of wireframes, and find some images to use on them.
  3. Continue reading the You Don’t Know JavaScript book on this and Object Prototypes.

Thanks for reading about my 100 days of code journey.