100 Days of Code Journey: Day 12 — It’s not working!

What I did on Day 12?

I added container boxes for the twitch API project and decided on going with a green container as it contrasted well with my purple background. I also started the Chingu project, I added the weather functionality and the location, however I am struggling to get the city info from the open weather api data into the wikipedia url string, to output articles that relate to the city the user is in. I’m either getting articles about undefined or nothing is coming up. I think there may be an issue with the scope, however I have put the city info in a variable that is declared globally, and it still doesn’t work. Apart from this I followed the MySQL tutorial by Derek Banas on YouTube, I already had some knowledge of SQL so following along wasn’t difficult at all. The tutorial went through building a database and how each table should be about one variable etc.

How do I feel about my progress on Day 12?

Yesterday (I write these post the day after) was kind of tough, I know everyone has those kind of days when nothing seems to be clicking work and you just have to leave it and comeback to it later. You feel like you don’t know anything and you have to go over everything again. But I know from previous hurdles that what your stuck on may be so simple, and you just need a fresh pair of eyes or a good nights sleep to figure it out. And this is what makes programming/development so different to anything I have done before (well apart from maths maybe).

Coming from a background in Economics most things can be understood by reading more on the topic and understanding where theories have developed from, but programming is more like building a car engine from scratch, starting it up, Crrrr Crrrr, nothing! it doesn’t start and you don’t know why. So you look at the problem areas and try to figure out why the engine isn’t working, and just play around with it, trying different things until it clicks. And when you have tried several things and it still doesn’t work, it gets kind of tough, you begin to thing ‘do I really know what I’m doing/do I know enough?’. But guess what this is called. It’s called learning. Confused? I’ll explain:

Recently I read an article (I think it could have been a forum post) about getting stuck programming and how you have to push through it, and in the comments people were saying ‘It’s tough when you try so many things and it still doesn’t work’ then someone (I forgot where I saw this so I can’t give out credit) made a gem of a point, and its all about perspective which makes a huge difference. The point roughly was;

‘It’s good your trying all these different things, that means you are learning, you are learning all the things that don’t work so next time you come across a similar problem you know what you don’t need to try and you will spend less time trying things that don’t work’.

I’ve never thought about programming in that light, you hear people say all the time “you learn from your mistakes”, so I guess when your stuck and you try different things you are learning.

I think that’s enough story time for today.

Plan for day 13.

  1. Go over Bootstrap and get a quick refresh on CSS. Build a simple web page with a fixed nav bar, an image slider at the top, an info section, a gallery of projects, a pricing section and a footer section.
  2. Read some more of the You Don’t Know JavaScript book on this and Closures.

Thanks for reading about my 100 days of code journey.