100 Days of Code Journey: Day 8 Getting there.

What I did on Day 8?

I started reading the second chapter of the You Don’t Know JavaScript (YDKJS) book on this and object prototypes. I also continued working on my Twitch project, (which I’ve almost completed). I have now added a rough grid system and the channel logos for the array of Twitch channels. The only parts left are to change the ‘null’ output of what the channel is streaming to ‘offline’.

How do I feel about my progress on Day 8?

I am happy that I have almost finished the twitch project, there are a few niggles to deal with, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. My progress is not as fast as I would like, but it is more important for me to stay consistent.

Plan for Day 9.

  1. Finish the Twitch Project, add the background image and container boxes.
  2. Continue reading chapter 2 of the YDKJS book on this and object prototypes.
  3. Work on my Chingu project. Link the wikipedia article search with the city location of the user, and add the weather in the users current location.

Thanks for following my 100 days of code journey.