#100DaysOfCode Day 20 — Loops

What I did on Day 20?

I was able to get the testimonial section for the front page website to run through the array of the quotes in order. I previously planned on using a loop but I got some help from a developer at the Open Code meet-up who told me a loop was needed a simple count variable and an if else statement inside the setInterval() will achieve the results I wanted. I have also amended some of the media queries to make the website less of an eye sore and more responsive. I also worked on my previous Apple website Project improving the footer and I want to add an accordion menu for the footer on the smaller screens size before I can call the project finished.

How I feel about My Progress on Day 20?

I’m slowly getting there, in the HTML CSS, Bootstrap departments anyway. I’m still lacking considerably on my JavaScript/jQuery and I’m not really thinking about frameworks such as React/Angular/Vue. My next steps should be to implement more JS into my projects, start using SASS and continue building more web projects.

Plan for Day 21.

  1. Start working on my parallax website project.
  2. Try to add the accordion menu to the Apple clone website.
  3. Install SASS, go through New Boston SASS tutorial Playlist.
  4. Watch a tutorial on how to create a WordPress theme.

Thanks for following my 100 days of code journey.