Mozilla Urdu L10n Meet-Up, Kuala Lumpur, 2020.

Aamir Raza
Jan 15 · 4 min read

Mozilla L10n Meetup (4–6 January 2020)

I was pretty excited when I received an invitation from our Manager Tanzeel Khan for Mozilla Urdu L10n Meetup at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur which was to be held on 4–6 January 2020.

As this was my first meetup to be held out of India so I was a little bit nervous that how the things will go on with stuff like (Itenary, Visa, Overall Journey).
So, after the things went proceeding with the plan.
My journey started from Bihar Sharif to Ranchi, where I met my two Urdu team members Md Shahbaz Alam & Mahtab Alam.

Ranchi Airport

They joined the journey towards New Delhi where we Tanzeel Khan. And finally, we boarded together for Malaysia.

New Delhi

We reached Kuala Lumpur by 7:00 AM sharp and proceeded towards our Hotel. We were the last one to reach there. I was excited to meet each member of our Urdu team, so after getting freshened up, I met each one of them who have already arrived in the Hotel.
And I along with Md. Shahbaz Alam (India), Tanzeel Khan (India), Faisal Aziz (India), Mahtab Alam (India) and Umer Tanveer (Pakistan) proceeded to have lunch.
Unfortunately, It was sad to know that Adeel Tahir (Pakistan) & Musaeb Khan (Pakistan) were unable to join because of unforeseen visa & travel issues.

Lunch on 4 January

After lunch, we had a get-together in the hotel and had one to one introduction with all the members of Urdu team. As I am new to this team, I had pretty much to know about them. The members who were more experienced (Faizal Aziz, Md. Shahbaz Alam, Tanzeel Khan) than me were very welcoming and humble towards us.

Day 1
After the introduction, we discussed the agenda and planning of the event.

Introductory Session

Then we moved towards:
*Community Health Discussion in which we discussed to have a regular follow-up with the consistent meeting (monthly calls).

*As discussed Onboarding of new members should pass a test of approx 100 words so that we can judge that the translation will be done with a certain precision.

*Advocacy & Recognition: Members with quality work should be recognised in a regular period.

*Font needs to be changed to Nastaleeq, initially to and then, later on, all the projects.

Day 2
After the successful completion of Day 1, we moved towards Day 2 according to plan and agenda. In which we had certain tasks to complete:
*Creation of Styleguide and Guideline: After a long and crucial discussion our hard work got paid-off when we successfully completed our Urdu Styleguide & Guideline.

*Project Responsibility & Delegation distribution: In this session, we decided that project responsibility will be given to a particular member with regular intervals.

*Pontoon Info Page & Pontoon Wiki Page Update

Swags Distribution

*Glossary: We prepared a glossary so that the consistency of the projects will be maintained. And the same glossary would be helpful for the new members contributing.

*Yearly Plan: As per discussion we have decided that each member will be assigned certain tasks regarding the project and to have a follow-up every month on a monthly call.

*Introduction Mail/Thread, Recognition & Onboarding: New contributing members will be considered according to their quality work and will onboard with an e-mail.

*Onboarding Test: New contributing members will be considered and recognised once they clear the test of approx 100 words. And at this session, we created a text document of approx 100 words for those new contributing members. And after a certain period of time, seeing their quality contribution, their responsibilities will be changed accordingly.

Team outing special moments

Smiling Faces

A many thanks to Tanzeel Khan and Jeff Beatty for supporting & mentoring us to organise such a productive event.

As it was my first journey to another country. So, I would like to give a special thanks to Md Shahbaz Alam for guiding me in my overall journey.

Hoping to meet you all soon.

Mohammad Aamir Raza

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