A Story about OrangePro

Aamir Siddiqui
2 min readApr 20, 2024


At OrangePro, we understand that the traditional approach to QA, based on homegrown data and internal test cases, often falls short in the face of real-world application use. This mismatch leads to unexpected bugs, customer dissatisfaction, and costly support issues post-deployment.

Typically QA teams are likely overwhelmed and under-resourced, struggling to cover all potential use cases, especially during updates and maintenance releases. This results in recurring defects, escalated customer support issues, and a significant amount of embarrassment for your teams.

Our platform transforms traditional QA by integrating real-world data from customer interactions directly into your testing processes. By capturing live production data, OrangePro allows your QA team to foresee and rectify potential issues before they impact your users, moving from a reactive to a proactive stance in software quality assurance.

Our value prop is to reduce the frequency of defects and associated customer complaints, thereby saving face and bolstering your brand’s reputation. We help decrease long-term costs linked to customer support and maintenance by catching issues early. We expand the testing scenarios beyond the limited scope of internal data sets to include real user interactions, ensuring a broader coverage and higher accuracy in defect detection.

Imagine an enterprise able to reduce their customer churn, which often results from product dissatisfaction, by even half. For a company with $100 million in annual revenue, this could equate to saving millions per year, not just in retention but also in reducing the overhead costs of dealing with defects.

We are big on data privacy and compliance

— Your Data

— Your custom LLM

— Your preferred hosting service.

We provide both on-prem and cloud hosting solutions.

Which company does not want to go from managing production incidents to preventing them. We’re not trying to necessarily make QA more productive. We’re actually trying to make customer support focus on helping people with user problems. They shouldn’t be finding bugs or reporting bugs.

We are helping enterprises enhance their software’s reliability and customer’s satisfaction, making their QA process a competitive advantage rather than a liability.