LLM powered Operating System for Testers

Aamir Siddiqui
3 min readDec 15, 2023


This is Part 2 of the OrangePro series about the platform features.

Part 3 coming soon where we are going to show the architectural diagram of the interplay of RAG, LLM and Knowledge grapgh.

Part1: Navigating LLM Application Testing with Orangepro.AI

OrangePro is industry first Automated Evaluation Framework that leverages LLM powers to traditional and Gen-AI app testing. It goes beyond the evaluation matrices like bias-ness, toxicity etc, Prompt Playground and Production Monitoring.

It relieves the testers pain point by leveraging the best in class Gen AI combine with powerful vector DB to identify patterns in incident tickets, integration with other test management systems, defects and provide the holistic view of end to end testing exposing test gaps.

A defect caught in pre-prod is order of magnitude less costly than finding and fixing regressions in Production. Our framework empowers testers who have the domain knowledge, quality assurance awareness, end user perspective to be productive with the intuitive low/no code UI in no time.

With the power of our proprietary fine tuned LLM and knowledge graph, there will be no blind spots in testing. It will even analyze the error logs (often the most painful part of testers life to debug the test failure a day before the release) and provide suggestion. Its your own custom made domain aware testing Co-Pilot available 24/7.

Testers can now focus on high yield activities like exploratory testing, identifying new use cases and uncovering knowledge to be fed into OrangePro tool so it become more smarter and effective.

And yes, we offer on-prem installation in addition to cloud based offering. Our focus is on data security and ensuring data is encrypted at rest and at motion. We do not use any proprietary corporate data for training our models.

Your data, Your model.

Here is the high level overview of features.

1. Advanced Testing Suite and Productivity Enhancement

2. Predictable Quality Assurance and Development Efficiency

3. Security and Compliance

4. Innovative Technologies and Integration

5. Optimized Testing Strategies and ROI

6. Enhanced Tester Effectiveness and Solution Traceability

Please contact aamir@orangepro.ai if interested to contribute to github project.