Sam drew something out from its backpack, an object. To her surprise, Cecilia had never seen it before. Sam sat with Cecilia with the object held in it’s palm, damaged and burnt black metal. It was a drained out fuel cell Sam had disposed of. The first, fuel cell Sam had later retrieved back from the Amazon lake.

Observing and examining its schematic engineering via an upgrade, an ability to see through objects. Dubbed as, “Sam Eye”. Sam was capable of seeing through constructive layers of an object.

Cecilia glared with such intrigue. She hadn’t seen it before, not known what it was capable of. She only knew this much, it seemed like a fuel cell, the kind seen equipped in a T-850. The miniature hydrogen cell blow up into a mushroom cloud. Sam wandered what would be the most appropriate way of disassembling the fuel cell, only to be interrupted by Cecilia’s eccentric way of doing it for it. By hurling the fuel cell out of the window, and then both herself and Sam staring at it. It landed flat in a pothole, half covered from the small reflecting puddle.


– Watch!

Within a few seconds, a speeding vehicle ran over it. Sam t-jumped out into the centre of the road where the fuel cell had landed, that was almost crushed. It’s ball head reflecting on the surface of the rippling puddle. That was probably enough impact required. Glad it didn’t go off into a miniature nuclear bomb with a mushroom cloud after effect.

Sam retrieved it with a t-jump back into Cecilia’s place. Now that the fuel cell had been disassembled, Sam didn’t want to re-assemble it. But to replicate a new version of the prototype from this design.

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