The follow-up to Haunting Melissa


Haunting Melissa has returned with a sequel, Dark Hearts. Director Neal Edelstein changed the way we consume digital storytelling, especially on the iPad. He crafted such an intriguing canvas. An experimental horror, and succeeded. Now comes Dark Hearts.

After having experienced the earlier chapters of DARK HEARTS, the intensity has been elevated. A special mention to Neal and the team of #HauntingMelissa. Neal’s sense of direction is potent, dark with intrigue. The long shots are captured effectively as you step into each chapter with trepidation, I mean that as a compliment.

It reminds me of William Friedkin or Alfonso Cuarón. The series heads into a darker territory. A must experience.


Who is Neal Edelstein?

. . .

Neal Edelstein the producer of Mulholland Drive, The Ring, The Invisible, The Straight Story.

Director & creator of #HauntingMelissa & it’s sequel.

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