Wall Street To France; by Rianna Shaikh Book REVIEW

“The best things in life are free. The second best things are very very expensive.” — Coco Chanel

Meet Sophie Becks, an aspiring Wall Street stock broker, who is taken aback when she is invited to a book club reading of Fifty Shades Of Gray, by her best friend, Jan, married to a billionaire Dutchman, with no time to spare her. When Sophie expected a topic about Dalai Lama, or orphans in a third world country. Sophie gets on wonderfully well with Jan, as she puts it, even better than Bonnie & Clyde. But also because to her, Jan seems a part-time mother. Born into a family of wealth, Sophie longed to make a mark of her own, on her terms. Where she would feel independent.

In a male-dominant world of stock brokers, the flirty rich, sinful with greed, Sophie ventures to become a broker like no other. She is introduced a handsome George Clooney-like boss, Duren, who sets her off to his oceanfront Hamptons mansion. After she discovers her natural gift for becoming a broker & making millions in a matter of months. A feat at first considered unrealistically impossible in her male-dominated firm, Sophie Berks following her gut instincts, makes the impossible happen. She sends their mindsets spirally in disbelief. This drives her to climb the ladder as she becomes a strong and successful contender. Sophie’s life is turned upside down. Like dreams, waiting to be fulfilled, her aspiring began to establish, set her mark.

That is until, she is discovered by the mysterious, dark-haired, Arabian man next door, Zur. Sparks fly, their chemistry is immediate, like love at first sight. But like many romantic narratives and to an extent fairytale like, all is not what is seems, and Zur’s status shapes a relationship of constant cautious and uncertainty. The difference between being in love and committing to it, this bridge, becomes ever unstable. Almost impossible. Forcing her to reconsider her life with Zur and her career with Duren. What follows is a series of intense and harsh revelations, infidelities, secrets. Sophie’s life, her emotionally state is swallowed deep into the pit of it all. A search within a series of relationships, each comes with their own set of uncertainties. Especially her life with her family, her boss Duren, the mysterious Zur, along with a few new arrivals. To find true love. Where for her, the question of return remains ever questionable.

As the synopsis puts it, in the end, she must choose between love, her lucrative career on Wall Street, and an enchanted life of Le Pin wine, Pule cheese, and men playing polo in Provence. To whom or what will she say au revoir?

This is the debut novel of Rianna Shaikh, and I must express a beautifully and powerfully written piece of work, with a gripping tightrope narrative. Sophie, the protagonist of this book, is a surprise and true delight, your love for her is instant. Her aspirations and enthusiastic are deeply admirable. Rianna takes you by surprise for a debut novel. Her writing capabilities reach into the limitless as she takes you on a journey of soul-searching, especially with the mood of love. And the power of love that can truly question whether your career is ever your main priority in life. Rianna proves she is an extremely gifted writer.

Set in the world of Wall Street, that eventually takes you to the beauty of France, this a must read for the business elite. I find it thrilling that a woman could be that sarcastic toward men. As Sophie Berks puts it, every well-to-do, middle-aged citizen feel the need to own Bentley, Aston Martin that probably costs a quarter million dollars. I loved it! Readers, Rianna creates a human story with soul. Forget Fifty Shades of Grey and read something sensible. With a heart. I deeply await the next chapter in the life of Sophie Becks.

With an insight into the life of Wall Street. Meet the delightful, the queen of sarcasm, Bonjour Mademoiselle Sophie Becks.

5/5 — Brilliant.

. .

Who is Rianna Shaikh?

Rianna Shaikh is the author of two children’s books. She’s nestled in the Brookvilles, betwixt aristocrats and rabbits, in mansions with sweepers. Awaiting the company of dear Peter Rabbit and Simon with Schuster. Oh, the hurrah continues, until her next story!

Her works include, the recently released, DEAR CHARLIE. Follow her on the following social networks;