We talk gender equality, what about race equality?…

A recent incident — surgical strikes/Kashmir crisis — that has taken place between the borders of Pakistan and India, which has been extremely tragic.

And it seems, as I sat down to write or present my accumulated thoughts, it should have been handled or rather resolved, or come to an agreement of peace between both political leaders of these countries. But this absolutely didn’t happen. What did transpire or came to follow was something, shockingly, questionable. Like some kind of a movement.

Just last few weeks a Bollywood film PINK released to critics and audience acclaim. A film that questioned our morals and expressed the power of feminism. That society should respect women. I’m aware that around the globe that there is a constant fight for gender equality.

But today I question… “what about race equality?…”

In wake of the Uri attack, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) on Friday gave a 48-hour ultimatum to all Pakistani cine and television artistes to quit India or face consequences.

And Pakistani artistes were forced to quit India.

The moment this incident occurred, the Bollywood film fraternity/industry expressed their views. Be it positive or negative.

From expressing that this could end terrorism in India. And that we don’t need any artists from around the globe, because we have plenty of talent in India.

To, all artists are NOT terrorists.

And that, be it colour, race, religious beliefs never divides us from working in collaboration, that diversity brings us together. To learn from each other and share inspiration between both cultures. Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association expressed to ban Pakistani actors, singers and technicians from working in India, forever.

I deeply felt working in any field of work was about being professional about it. I’m saddened by this absolutely unwanted chose of action. How could an artist be threatened to leave a place they have lived in? Is this not an act of terrorism in itself?

No person’s Baap (father) owns a country, or it has a label all over it with your name on it to say you own it to force/threat any person, in this case, an artist to leave. This is ethically wrong. There’s no justification for this. I feel an act of racism.

Since this have taken place, the barrier to break down hatred so that peace would prevail between both countries, so that they would live in harmony and share respect and peace has become a question in itself now?

I come to feel some of the consequences which will come to result later, are unimaginable, for those who approved of such decision. One of which could result in banning films between both. As of today, since the Pakistani artistes were forced to quit, India channels are to be banned in Pakistan as a result of this.

But I also come to feel, by banning artistes, then does this mean any artist from around the globe should feel threatened that they may be forced to quit too? Especially should Hollywood which is such a global mainstream in the field of entertainment, question working in India?

Where were the political leaders to resolve this situation? For a film fraternity to take up such course of action.

Of recent, just hours ago, a friend I was in touch with for about 3 years, unfavourited tweets which she had favorited just moments before. Changed the wide Twitter banner which featured her with an Indian but Muslim artist, replaced. And unfollowed me. Like it was now about picking sides. Whether you stand for Pakistan or India.

I stand by humanity, that lives from a diverse community sharing kindness and inspiration. Unbiased. That simply don’t share poisonous thoughts.

I have nothing against any Indian, or India at all. In no way does this article represent a complete reflection of Indian people. But rather an emphasis of the current situation. I blame the actions of political leaders that failed to diffuse this situation for it to now turn for the worst. Harmony and peace so fragile has been damaged, possibly permanently.

I express I do not hate any person be it Muslim, Hindu, Christian or of any culture or race. I respect any good human being. In no way to offend or upset any person. Never my intentions. Ever.

But the message I strongly express is the voice of equality. Of fairness.

What about race equality?…

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