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Think beyond your comfort zone.

Be self aware. Make it happen.

I do not know much about other beings however most human beings are born with power of intelligence. As we grow old, we keep learning and sometimes we can be manipulated.

Some of us take years to understand who we are? What is the purpose of life? Unfortunately only few of us are able figure it out.

Being self aware is a function of life experiments, and level of intelligence.

Life experiments are nothing but exposing ourselves to various situations in life. We adapt and learn to deal with life better.

They say “fail fast”, which means nothing but to get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to unknown experiments and learn fast. Part of “fail fast” is to unlearn what is not useful in life and be self aware. If you are not failing fast or questioning existing norms, it means that you are not experimenting enough. You are perhaps happy in your comfort zone, being manipulated or day dreaming.

But what about thinking and dreaming? We have the super natural ability to think and dream at a lightening speed. This ability of ours can makes us a visionary, average joe or stupid bloke. It requires a bit of thinking before we take meaningful actions. The more we fail, it becomes easier to make great decisions. Not to forget, you don’t repeat your mistakes time and again.

Being self aware is the key to meaningful life.

And then there are folks who do not live life of freedom.

We need to extend our helping hands.

Celebrate their failure.
Make it happen.

May be when it’s time to depart from the world, we would be happy to know what was the purpose of our lives and at least made a feeble attempt toward living a meaningful life.