Informational Interviews

Be professional and contact with relevant field people can make you a success person ;)

I contact many people in my field, consecutive 3 days i just try to contact with him on mobile because i don’t such confirm email of him , and I sent the text to two Amal Alumni fellows. I received an answer from them , I talked to them about many important things about our discipline and profession , but there is no such interview held which i say that,s is beneficent for me .some of i will discuss it as below

  1. One name is Saqib Surani i contact with him with the help of one my senior irfan barki when i take time from him and start talking he just turn all the serious dialogue in a funny mood then i serious and ask a question that what is your current position in this company he say that section is geologist and designation is geotechnical engineer . after it i just come to the point and ask from him that i also want to do initially internship in your company he say ooooh aamir just concentrate on your thesis complete it after talk with me i will do something after just formal talking and informative interview is end .One thing that i pick is that for professional life you must be smart worker and have command on all the aspect which is related to your field u must have command on them .
What other people say is not my job because i have my own vision and ambition ❤
  1. On Monday i just call to my two uncles one is dean in bacha khan university charsadda agriculture dept Dr Abdul Sattar and second one is professor Dr Sohail khan is in agriculture university . having short interview with both of him but both suggest me that don,t think about job just concentrate on your study when they talk about do ielts and TOEFL then i lost my interest with him b/c they don,t give me a proper decision which i need regard job in my concern field so after it finish… ..
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