Learning abilities from my friends.

I learn some of my abilities from my friends some suggest me that I am a self-motivated person who’s also care for other person without any expectation. A hardworking student throughout career mean in university life but here some my friends also give me a taunt and want to show me that you are lazy in work you just do it only with due time mean if sir give us an assignment u don’t take it serious after it when it comes on your head then u take it serious and do it in an impressive way it’s not good if you do your work from start then u will be definitely a gold medalist of our class. I want to mention here that some of my friends told me that u have a Can do attitude mean that u can do anything in an impressive way and also in a challenge mean if someone challenge me in something that I haven’t I accept the challenge and try to do it and after it I successful to doing it. I have developed a range of skills whilst managing different project just like doing group assignment or research etc. Some of my friends mention me that you are an excellent communicator who enjoy leading and working as part of a team and can also motivate a team to achieve target using flair and innovative ideas. Some of me mention that you are a reliable and keen individual who demonstrates commitment and enthusiasm in all work activities undertaken and some of my friend in a funny way mentioned me that you are little bit selfish you done your from anyone in a pleasant way mean if u have work then you just laughing and after it say to him your work and after it you success in your job but be honest non serious behavior and pleased mood mean laughing is my weakness even in very tense and serious matter I just laugh I know that’s is not fair but it’s my weakness. Last one is very interesting because it really happy me and more than a dozen friend tell me that abilities more than one times that I have adjust myself in any environment with anyone and have ability to mold myself with different nature friends and in different environment .

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