So Say We All

So say we all

Says the naysayers

Gathering up the

Pebbles and aiming

At the stars, they scream

So long are gone

the Wonders.

What is left is a rubble

That nobody wants

Kill the genie and

Take what you want

So say we all.

Walking up to the

Seashore and

Making dunes of the

Glass grains

We stare out into

The sun

And we scream

So long are gone the


All that is left

Is the grains of glass

Glistening in the sun

So say we all.

Hang the monkeys

And parrots

What is left,

is the Rubble.

Who wants more ?

Asks the naysayers.

So say we all

So say we all.

(Inspired from a line in ‘Battlestar Galactica’)

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