On the way there, I was unexpectedly nervous. Butterflies in my stomach. A little anticipation. I didn’t even notice a street cleaning vehicle doing full circles in the middle of an intersection. I was zoning out, hard.

A few turns later and I was driving up my old street, searching for the house I lived in fourteen years ago, before we moved to the Bay Area. I worried that sometime during the fourteen years, someone had remodeled the house beyond recognition. But aside from a relatively fresh coat of paint and a major trimming of the tree in our front yard, it was eerily similar, too similar to my memory. I wasn’t sure if it was confirmation bias, so I called my mom to double check the address. …

An Unexpected Source of Personal Growth

After 4 years of high school almost completely devoid of video games, I cautiously re-entered the gaming arena in my freshman year of college with Super Smash Bros Brawl and Project M. My suitemates and I grew to love Project M and played together endlessly. One day, my suitemate James discovered a strategy that ultimately changed my outlook on failure.

Super Smash Brothers is a highly addictive video game series that pits characters from various video games against each other in a fight to knock your opponent offstage. The more damage inflicted on your opponent, the farther he will travel when hit, making it easier to knock ‘em off the stage. So far, Nintendo has released 4 very successful iterations of the game: Super Smash Bros (for the Nintendo 64 console), Super Smash Bros Melee (GameCube), Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii), and Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (3DS & Wii U). There have also been popular modifications of the games, such Project M, which combines Brawl’s updated content with Melee’s game mechanics. Our dorm suite primarily played this modification, for reasons I won’t get into now but that others have talked about endlessly. Got that all? …


Aamir Rasheed

Aspiring computer engineer, hacker, blogger, and runner. Bay Area → UCSD ‘18.

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