Cullen Neal: Student Athlete

Cullen Neal is the point guard for the Ole Miss Men’s Basketball team. Neal transferre from The University of New Mexico after his Junior year. I sat down with Neal to discuss his years as a college athlete and why he decided to transfer. Neal said he received a lot of criticism at New Mexico and though he liked playing for his dad, who was the head coach, the hatred and threats were not worth it. Neal was adjusting to playing college ball and the fans were not happy with how he was playing and began to rip on him all over social media for being the coaches son. He then was badly injured and decided to redshirt. After making a comeback, he was still being taunted by fans and knew he needed to transfer because nothing was changing. Neal received around 80 calls from different universities so, he asked his dad to help him narrow down his choices, because his dad knew the process and since his dad was a former NBA player he felt his dad would help him find the best fit so Cullen too could achieve those accomplishments. Ole Miss was Cullen’s first visit and he felt right at home. Neal said he immediately made a connection with the players and coaches. Neal has one more year left to play Ole Miss basketball and he is beyond excited for the next season.
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