Open Letter to the Tim Ryan Campaign on “One Word”

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Media Contact: Sharon Kim, Asian American Midwest Progressives //, 614–285–7442

We are Asian American, Pacific Islander (AAPI), and allied community leaders, educators, families, workers, professionals, small business owners, legislators, students, writers, artists, and everyday people who are profoundly disappointed in the recent $3.3 million “One Word” TV advertisement released by Democratic Congressman and U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Ryan. In “One Word”, Rep. Ryan aggressively repeats the word “China”, claiming the Chinese government is responsible for “pink slips and price increases” that harm American workers. After framing the US-China relationship as an existential fight between “us vs. them”, Ryan proclaims, “It’s time for us to fight back. You are our greatest weapon in this fight.”

We strongly resonate with the desire to meet the urgent needs of working Ohioans and change the priorities of the U.S. Senate, and we understand legitimate criticisms of the Chinese government are valid and necessary. However, the decision to stoke fear and anger against an inflated China threat is dangerous and unacceptable — and a losing strategy for Democrats campaigning for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat. Playing to right-wing nationalism and fanning anti-China hate will come at a cost at the ballot box in November, while writing off the fastest growing ethnic group in the state as acceptable collateral damage. The “One Word” ad has alienated not just AAPI voters, but also a broader base of progressive and anti-racist voters. Continuing down this path pushes conflicted voters to the right and threatens the future of the Democratic Party, which lies in building a multiracial progressive coalition and bringing energetic younger voters into the fold. This is not just cynical; it is also short-sighted.

Intentionally or not, this ad builds upon long-standing racist and demonizing narratives about people of Chinese and Asian descent, utilizing rhetoric more recently popularized by extremist right-wing Republicans to feed xenophobia in an attempt to mobilize voters out of fear. By centering his campaign around this right-wing rhetoric, Rep. Ryan is signaling that he is unconcerned with fueling continued violence against AAPIs, and unconcerned with the root causes of the pressing issues facing Ohio workers. Rather than holding accountable the corporations that are hurting workers everywhere, this ad solely blames China for workers’ economic woes. This tactic is not new. Politicians blaming Asian countries and people for problems caused by bosses’ anti-worker choices is a persistent American political trend that ends up projecting that blame onto individuals, like in the 1982 murder of Vincent Chin in Detroit and anti-Chinese violence including mass expulsions of Chinese workers from West Coast cities in the mid-19th century.

This historical legacy continues today, as the right’s attempt to blame China for the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in the U.S. has led to a sharp increase in race-based harassment and violence against individuals perceived to be of Chinese descent. Regardless of Rep. Ryan’s intentions, the inevitable impact of the “One Word” ad’s tone and messaging will be misdirected violence against AAPI Ohioans. Just last year, a Vietnamese mom & pop business in Dayton, Ohio closed down after being set ablaze and vandalized with the words “F*ck U China Virus” and “F*ck China.” Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by 339% between 2020 and 2021, and according to Stop AAPI Hate, between March 2020 and December 2021, AAPIs across the country reported 10,905 hate incidents, including 128 incidents in Rep. Ryan’s home state of Ohio. Nationally, nearly two thirds of all hate incidents were reported by AAPI women and girls, and 10% of all reported incidents targeted AAPI children. Despite record reporting levels, we believe hate incidents are still vastly underreported due to fear, shame, and lack of awareness in AAPI and immigrant communities.

In 2021, Rep. Ryan himself publicly claimed to support the Stop Asian Hate movement. But the hawkish anti-China messaging strategy in “One Word” actively undermines those efforts and makes AAPIs even more of a target. We call on Rep. Ryan to pull the “One Word” ad and eliminate all future nationalist, fear mongering rhetoric from his campaign. We call on groups that have endorsed Representative Ryan for Senate to publicly oppose this ad, as well as the use of similar tactics by any other campaign or consulting firm that chooses to invoke fear and appeal to xenophobic hate.

Historic labor movements have always been the most successful when they build multiracial, cross-movement solidarity. Companies are cracking down on unionizing workers, and hate incidents against multiple marginalized communities remain at historic levels. Shifting blame away from policymakers and U.S. corporations (which made record profits in 2021), in favor of right-wing xenophobic dog whistles, is a reckless choice that we cannot support.


Asian American Midwest Progressives (AAMP)

Local, State and National Organizations

AAPIs For Civic Empowerment

Asian American Advocacy Fund

Asian American Federation

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Justice

Asian American Power Network

Asian American Studies Program at The Ohio State University

Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote)

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) Los Angeles Chapter

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) Maryland Chapter

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) Pittsburgh Chapter

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) Sacramento Chapter

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) Texas Chapter

Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance (API PA)

Asian Services in Action (ASIA)

Association of Chinese Americans, Inc

Black Queer & Intersectional Collective

Cleveland Jobs with Justice

Cleveland Owns

Columbus Democratic Socialists of America

Community Organizing Center

Crooked River Action

Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus

Equality Ohio

Erase the Space


Forward United NEO

GLSEN Central Ohio

Grassroots Asians Rising

International Institute of Akron

InterReligious Task Force on Central America

Jewish Voice for Peace Central Ohio

Justice Is Global

Midwest Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Students Union (MAASU)

Minority People’s Email Network (MPEN)


Motivation Motivates

NAKASEC Action Fund

NAKASEC Action Fund, Virginia

NCAAT in Action

OCA — Asian Pacific American Advocates

OCA — Asian Pacific American Advocates Greater Cleveland Chapter

Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change

Ohio Immigrant Alliance

Ohio National Organization for Women

Ohio NOW Education and Legal Fund

Ohio Women’s Alliance Action Fund

Our Revolution Ohio

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

Progressive Peace Coalition

Rising Voices

Riverview International Center

Sanctuary Columbus Church

Showing Up for Racial Justice Ohio

The Freedom BLOC

The ReSisters of Central Ohio

The Slants Foundation

United Campus Ministry Center

Very Asian, Inc.

Young Latino Network

Zora’s House

Union Members — current, former, or retired (organizations listed for identification purposes only)

Akshai Singh, Starbucks Workers United, Cleveland, Ohio

Akshayaa Venkatakrishnan, AFT-CFT, Cincinnati, OH

Alex Mabanta, UAW Local 2865, Berkeley, CA

Andrea B Miller, AFT, Maple Heights, OH

Andrea Chu, TNG-CWA Local 34071, Chicago, IL

Chenxi Wu, United Faculty and Staff, AFT local 223, Madison WI

Connie Hammond, SEIU 1199, Columbus, Ohio

David Guran, AFSCME Council 8 Local 3812, Akron, Ohio

Derek Burtch, Ohio Education Association, Columbus, Ohio

Diana Porter, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers #1520, Cincinnati, Ohio

Emily Houh, UC Chapter of the AAUP, Cincinnati, Ohio

John Ash, AAUP, Cincinnati, Ohio

John S. Morawetz, ICWUC, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mark D. Stansbery, CWA 4502, Columbus, Ohio

Martha Grevatt, Retired Executive Board member, UAW Local 869, Cleveland, Ohio

Matt Barger, Carpenters, Cincinnati Ohio

Michael Charney, Cleveland Teachers Union, North Kingsville, Ohio

Nicole Joseph, Unite Here, Medford, MA

Perry Miller, Industrial Workers of the World, Columbus Ohio

Sarah K, SEIU 1021, Oakland, CA

Steve Holecko, 279 — r Northeast Ohio AFT Retirees Union, Middleburg Heights, OH

Susan Haas, Former member, United Legal Workers, UAW District 65, Hopewell, OH

Tamar N. Sorin, Ohio Education Association, Worthington, Ohio

Timothy Kraus, United Steel Workers of America & Former President, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, Cincinnati, Ohio

Tristine Roberts, NEA, Cleveland, OH

Maggie Tsai, OPEIU LOCAL 2, New York, NY

Francis J Hall, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, Aldrich, MN

Petee Talley, AFSCME, Toledo, OH

Masao Suzuki, AFT Local 1493, San Jose, CA

Mikayla Robinson, UAW Local 2320, Brockton, MA

Isabelita Sombillo, 1199SEIU, Plainfield, New Jersey

Lauren Dougher, UAW, Scranton, PA

Steven Presley, UAW, Chaplin, CT

Amy Fehr, GEU-UAW Local 6950, Willimantic, CT

Coltan Foster, AFM (Musicians), Cincinnati, OH

David Kono, SAG-AFTRA, Glendale, CA

Nick Sakai, National Co-Vice Chair, SAG-AFTRA Asian Pacific American Media Committee, New York, NY

Michael A. Dover, AAUP, Cleveland, OH

Lisa Nguyen, RN, UNAC/UHCP, San Diego, CA (formerly Cleveland, OH)

Lisa Huelskamp, PhD, OEA, Marysville, Ohio

Brian Newberg, AAUP, SDC, North Canton, OH

Sylvia Chinn-Levy, OCSEA, Akron, Ohio

Kit Andrews, Vermont State Employees Association, Burlington, VT

Lori Kidd, Akron Association of University Professors, Akron, OH

Eric Morris, IUOE 148, Peninsula, OH

Elected Officials

Linda Kohar, Parma Councilwoman, Ward 8, Cleveland, Ohio

Mike Moroski, Board of Education, Cincinnati Public Schools

Nina McLellan, Central Committee, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, Shaker C, Shaker Heights. OH

Patricia Blochowiak, Councilor at Large, East Cleveland City Council, Cleveland, Ohio

Teresa Schleicher, Central Committee, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, Lakewood 1D, Lakewood, OH

Tristan Rader, Lakewood City Councilman, Lakewood, Ohio

Jenny Spencer, Cleveland City Council, Ward 15 Council Member, Cleveland, Ohio

Community Leaders (organizations listed for identification purposes only)

Bin Chang, Small Business Owner, Bynova LLC, Mason, OH

Brian Mallory, State TriChair, Ohio Poor People’s Campaign, Cleveland, OH

Claire Laporte, SW Regional chair, Ohio Poor People’s Campaign, Union, KY

Connie Chung Joe, CEO, Asian Americans Advancing Justice — Los Angeles, South Pasadena

David Jennings, Veteran and Community Leader, Columbus, OH

Elaina Ramsey, Executive Director, Faith Choice Ohio, Columbus, OH

Elizabeth Sato, Past President and current Board Member, Japanese American Citizens League, Cincinnati Chapter, Union, KY

Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi, Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Gavin DeVore Leonard, Co-Director, Ohio Voice, Yellow Springs, OH

Gretchen P. Greenawalt, Columbus, OH

Jacob Chang, Student Body President, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Jona Hilario, Co-Director, OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership in Ohio, Columbus, OH

Julie Boetger, Tri-Chair, Ohio Poor People’s Campaign, Ashtabula, OH

Karen Hewitt, Founder, K Hewitt Consulting Columbus, Ohio

Manufou Liaiga-Anoa’i, Founder, Pacific Islander Community Partnership, Daly City, CA

Namiko Kunimoto, Director, Center for Ethnic Studies, OSU, Columbus, OH

Patricia Kellner, Physician and Thought Leader, South Euclid

Richard G. Konda, Executive Director, Asian Law Alliance, San Jose, CA

Scot Nakagawa, Co-Director, 22nd Century Initiative, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Seyla Kramer, Columbus, OH

Sudarshan Pyakurel, State Coordinator, South Asian American Advocacy Forum (SAAAF), Columbus, OH

Tessa Xuan, Co-Director, OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership in Ohio, Cleveland, OH

Tony Choi, Digital/Communications Director, Immigrants Rising, Bergen County, NJ

Vigor Lam, Board of Advisors, Midwest Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Students Union (MAASU), San Francisco, CA

Jasmine Ayres, Community Organizer, Columbus, Ohio

Eddy Zheng, President & Founder, New Breath Foundation, Oakland, CA

Rev. Terry Williams, Lead Minister, Orchard Hill United Church of Christ, Chillicothe, OH

Suparna Bhaskaran, Board Member, OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership, Columbus, Ohio

James Tecco, Housing Advocate, Cincinnati, OH

Justin Levy, Core Team Member, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Jung Woo Kim, Co-Director, NAKASEC Action Fund, Chicago, IL

Harvey J. Graff, Professor Emeritus of English and History, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Literacy Studies, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Christian Aldana, Youth Organizer, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago, Chicago, IL

Mark Anthony Florido, Board Member, Asian Americans Midwest Progressives, Chicago, IL

Paul Vang, Civic Engagement Director, Hmong American Women’s Association, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Nash Alam, Senior Communications and Digital Strategist, Grassroots Collaborative, Chicago, IL

Michelle Tyson, Chair, As I Am Oberlin, Oberlin, OH

Jeremy Genovese, Ph.D., Emeritus Associate Professor, Cleveland State University, Beachwood, OH

Erika Anthony, Executive Director, Cleveland VOTES, Cleveland,OH

Naoko Wake, Director, Asian Pacific American Studies Program, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Edward Wong, Editor/Publisher, East Wind ezine, Oakland, CA

Kathryn Poe, Staff, Equality Ohio, Columbus, OH

Concerned Individuals

Rebecca Nelson, Columbus, OH

Andrew Abundo, DE

Judy Suh, Pittsburgh, PA

Meeta Khatri, OH

Bethany Davey, Columbus, Ohio

Anita Somani, MD, Dublin, OH

Felicity Tao, Cincinnati, OH

Abigail Lowther, Family Physician, Columbus, OH

Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, RN, Dayton, Ohio

Grace Chan McKibben, Chicago, IL

Mary Aguilera, Cincinnati, OH

Rick Livingston, Columbus, OH

Angela Lin, Beavercreek, OH

Leah Mejia, Columbus, OH

Sharon Kim, Columbus, OH

Rose Babington, Columbus, OH

Roma Amin, Family Physician, Columbus, OH

Reiya Bhat, Athens, Ohio

Jessica Quade, MD, Columbus, OH

Sarah Jonaus, MD, Columbus OH

Bhumika Patel , Columbus, OH

Manoa Hui, Cleveland, OH

Promise Li, Los Angeles, CA

Maki Somosot, Cincinnati, OH

Christine Santos, Columbus Ohio

Emily Hanako Momohara, Cincinnati OH

Evelyn Sullen Smith, Attorney, Westerville

Melinda Dang, Cleveland, OH

Madison Eagle, Westerville, OH

Karyn, Columbus, OH

Tanya Salyers, Columbus, Ohio

Jay Ting Walker, Pittsburgh, PA

Angelique Sutrisno, Columbus, OH

Terry Park, Columbus, OH

Melody Worsley, Columbus, OH

Eugenia Kim, Columbus, OH

Kate Davis, Columbus, OH

Chansovan Long, Galloway, OH

Anjali Misra, Chicago, IL

Erin Lee, Washington, DC

Matthew Urwin, Chicago, IL

Makoto Manheim, New York, NY

Laura McKelvey, Chicago, IL

Jonathan Stone, Columbus, OH

Deborah Ballam, Ann Arbor, MI

Catherine Romanos, Family Physician, Columbus, OH

Christina Flores, Columbus, OH

Sonya Kapoor, Mason, OH

Nicole Perrone, Tonawanda, OH

Xiaohong Feng, Cincinnati, OH

Mike Moroski, Cincinnati, OH

Katie Moroski, Cincinnati, OH

Anastazia Vanisko, Cleveland, OH

Rebecca Gontkovsky, Mt Healthy, OH

Tanya Bartlett, Fort Thomas, KY

Matthew, Cincinnati, OH

Matt Barger, Cincinnati, OH

Matthew Adkins, Family Physician, Columbus OH

Jacqueline Figueroa, Columbus, OH

Gloria Ware, South Euclid, OH

Peter Horth, Cleveland, OH

Gail Long, Shaker Heights, OH

Julia Allwein, Columbus, OH

Max David Woodworth, Columbus, OH

Lauren Squires, Columbus, OH

Tim Kettler, Warsaw, OH

Jianguo Zhong, Mason, OH

Molly Farrell, Columbus, OH

Victoria Hickcox, Cincinnati, OH

Dorothy Xuan, Cincinnati, OH

Valerie Hayden, Powell, OH

Elizabeth Harlan, Toledo, OH

Evan Tamura, MD, Primary Care Physician, Columbus, OH

Sonya Lam, Los Angeles, CA

Supen Bowe, Columbus, Ohio

Savun P., Dublin, OH

Michael J.Fusco, Westerville, OH

Dilli Sharma, Reynoldsburg Ohio

Cynthia Chiou, Cincinnati Ohio

Abby Braimoh, Columbus OH

Robert Trube, Powell, Ohio

Marc Guerrero , Columbus, Ohio

Laura Pearce, Dublin, Ohio

Julie Fogt, Hilliard, OH

Nathan Drake, Columbus, OH

John Farina, Cleveland, OH

Kei Graves, Euclid, OH

Vera Brunner-Sung, Columbus, OH

Michiko Hikida, Professor, Columbus, OH

Corinne Sullivan, Brooklyn

LeAnn Pieri, Columbus, OH

Clement Tsao, Cincinnati, Ohio

Leta Hendricks, Columbus, OH

Kentaro Fujita, Columbus, OH

Jenny Xu, Columbus, OH

Sarah Myers, Columbus, OH

Joanna Malachowsky, Columbus, OH

Taiji Nelson, Pittsburgh, PA

Amanda Epting, Westerville, OH

Reema Sen, Cleveland, OH

Carolyn Jae Nims, Columbus, OH

Rebecca Tien, Columbus, OH

Angelina Chen, Colorado Springs, CO

Erin Reilly-Sanders, Hilliard, OH

Mary R Leder, Hilliard, OH

Tiffany Rumbalski, Hilliard, Ohio

Laura Vanvliet, Dublin, Ohio

Stephanie VanVliet, Dublin, OH

Matthew Kuhns, Lakewood, Ohio

Jemma Marcus-Shi, Cincinnati, OH

Daniel Rowe, Organizing Director, Morgan Harper for Ohio, Columbus, OH

Helena Wong, New York, NY

Zeyd Khan M.D., Cleveland, Ohio

Koby Picker, Cleveland OH

Jessica Smith , Kirby, Ohio

Kumar Jensen, Yellow Springs, OH

Vivian Yu, Cleveland, OH

Matthew Ahn, Professor of Law, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

Lydia Kang, Lakewood, OH

Tylee Nguyen, Cleveland, OH

Eunice Uhm, Kalamazoo, MI

Robert J. Welch III, Fostoria, OH

Giliann Karon, Cleveland, OH

Allie Lehman, Columbus, OH

Emily Meyer, Worthington, Ohio

Nila Mandal, Coventry, CT

Rena Leib, Cambridge, MA

Shelley Chernin, South Euclid, OH

Irene Rozakis, Parma, Ohio

Liz Bougher, Columbus, Ohio

Kemmily Kwok, Hilliard, Ohio

Michael Wei, Overland Park, Kansas

Keith Camacho, Los Angeles, California

Helen Zhou, Troy, NY

Tammy Eckhart, Columbus, OH

Terry Chi, Columbus, OH

Mia Cariello, Columbus, OH

Heidi Hu, Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Hsieh, Los Angeles, CA

Elsa Mark-Ng, Somerville, MA

Kris LoFrumento, Mt Orab, OH

Monica Lam, Cincinnati, OH

Rachel Rosen DeGolia, Cleveland Heights, OH

Jeanting Hsu, Columbus, OH

Kristie Sun, Medical Student, Columbus OH

Margaret Shaw, Rochester NY

Anne S Wise, MD, MPH, Cleveland, OH

Lisa Chanana, Solon, OH

Margaret Bruck, Cincinnati, OH

Virginia Rhodes, Cincinnati, OH

Nikki Orlemann, Cincinnati, OH

Alice Duncanson, Columbus, OH

Jennifer Kelly, Columbus, OH

Ross DiBello, Cleveland, Ohio

Jami Bell, Bedford, OH

Emily Cherney, Cleveland, OH

Parinita Singh, Akron, OH

Cathy Cowan Becker, Grove City, Ohio

Paula Kampf, Cleveland, OH

Lisa Rapaszky , Cleveland Heights, OH

Connie Roberts, Columbus, Ohio

Oranit Limmaneeprasert, Carmichael, CA

Sharon Rotblatt, Chagrin Falls, OH

Pamela E. Antos, Hilliard, Ohio

Ailsa Hermann-Wu, Waltham, MA

Boyd Bowe, Columbus, Ohio

Margaret Anna Hofstetter, Bedford, Ohio

Damien Whikehart, East Meadow, NY

Jeanne Mackay, Lakewood, Ohio

Mackenzie Sapp, Columbus, OH

Bingjiefu He, Jersey City, NJ

Jaclyn Chu, Columbus, OH

Carolyn Kan, Columbus OH

Katherine Chu, Fort Collins, CO

Catherine Shieh, Chicago, IL

Ellen Zhou, Chicago, IL

Jessica Feng, Columbus, OH

Angel Subisak, Bexley, OH

Megan Singson, Chicago, IL

Aarti Raghavachari, Cleveland, OH

Sulin Ngo, Cincinnati, OH

Sophia Antoun, Columbus, Ohio

Sarah Ungar, Cincinnati, Ohio

Kevin Hsia, Chicago, IL

Hannah Girman, Cincinnati, OH

Jeffrey Jahnes, Columbus, Ohio

Lyndsay Coleman, Cincinnati, Ohio

Emma Case, Bronx, NY

Cara Reed-Ferrara, Seattle, WA

Melanie DiFeo, Powell, Ohio

Kristina Escondo, Columbus, OH

Martina Pineda, Cincinnati, Ohio

Leona Vander Molen, Columbus, OH

Micaela Wu, Chicago, IL

Samantha Shattuck, Cincinnati, OH

Yuwei Pan, New York, NY

Patrick Murray, MD, Cleveland, OH

Mark Rylance, Columbus, OH

Anthony James Kerr, Naperville, Illinois

Anna Patricia Castro Argueta, Austin, TX

Daniel Jindra, Columbus, Ohio

Neil Bhaerman, Columbus, Ohio

Ben Stein, Cleveland, OH

Nicholas Sung, Allston, MA

Jérémie Koenig, New Haven, CT

Taran Samarth, State College, PA

Kate Beutner, Cleveland, OH

John Cheong, San Carlos, CA

Mi Row, Cleveland, OH

Christīna Wei-Stu Burke Mathison, Columbus, OH

Van Tran, Brooklyn, OH

Wendy Zhang, Brooklyn, OH

Sheila A, Columbus, OH

Nina McLellan, Shaker Hts. OH

Mary Drummer, Cleveland, OH

Olivia Bitecofer, Akron, Ohio

Shr-Hua Moore, Oxford, Ohio

David J Matheny , Columbus, OH

Katy Shanahan, Columbus, Ohio

Corinne Colbert, Athens, Ohio

Morgan Mackay, Athens, OH

S. Kelley, Lakewood, OH

Sybrina King, Pickerington, OH

Julia Skelly-Hirst, Bay Village, OH

Andrew Ritterman, Lyndhurst, OH

Jennifer Jaketic, Lakewood, OH

Deborah Cooper, Worthington, OH

Patricia Relf Hanavan, Cleveland Heights, OH

Munsup Seoh, Dayton, Ohio

Andrej Rotter, Upper Arlington, OH

Tamara Kagy, Norwalk, OH

Jenny Spencer, Cleveland, OH

Dennis Torigoe, White Plains, NY

Spring Wang, New York, NY

Patrick M. Graham, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cindy Bechter Smith, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Jo Henthorne, Nashport, Ohio

Swati Prasad, North Wales, PA



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