Tandoori Chicken is Popular around the World

Indian foods are quite popular around the world, because of the taste of Indian spices and unique methods to cook; tandoori chicken is one of them. Tandoori chicken is one of popular dish which not only famous in India but also very popular on world. Tandoori chicken is well known dish in around the world. Tandoori chicken prepared with marinated chicken, marinated prepared by yoghurt and Indian spice then marinated chicken roasted in a tandoor; tandoor is Indian traditional cylindrical shape clay oven. Tandoori chicken has bright fiery red colour and cook slowly on the charcoal which gives chicken a unique smoky flavour. After tandoori chicken is ready butter is coated all over on chicken and lemon juice also squeeze all over the tandoori chicken. It gives tartness and buttery flavours to chicken. All flavours like Smokey, sharpness, buttery and bright red colour will make this hard to resist by any meat lover.

History of Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken was invented by kundan lal, who is founder and chef in moti mahal delux restaurant. Kundan lal gujral was a refugee from West Punjab who moved to Delhi and open moti mahal delux restaurant of course moti mahal is not that big at that time. Slowly that grow and now it has 120 franchises in India and around the world.

How Tandoori Chicken Get International Fame

  1. In 1960 tandoori chicken start appearing on America menus card.
  2. In 1962 Jacqueline Kennedy has eaten tandoori chicken when he came to Bombay.
  3. In 1963 tandoori chicken recipe was printed in the “Los Angeles Times”.
  4. In become more popular while Jawaharlal Nehru starts serving tandoori chicken to his foreign visitors.
  5. It also becomes popular because it has mild flavour which is perfect dish to Westerners.
  6. Indian leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Zakir Hussain among various foreign leaders like Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi have visited moti mahal to eat tandoori chicken.

Tandoori chicken recipe is very popular in worldwide. Due to this popularity, there is many restaurants and food truck who served tandoori chicken in Indian style. Non vegetarian across the world tandoori chicken is most lovable dish. Tandoori chicken is known and loved by world because it has simple yet full with flavour. Nowadays many dish inspired by tandoori chicken is invented like chicken tikka, butter chicken. Chicken tikka is slight different with tandoori chicken; boneless chicken marinated prepared by yoghurt and Indian spice and tandoor in Indian traditional clay oven. Butter chicken is tandoori chicken which cooked in tomato, butter and creamy gravy. In some restaurants method to make tandoori chicken is still traditional.

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