How to wrap up OFFF 17 with Instagram stories

I have to admit that the title is a little bit misleading but since on Medium the HOW TO article are really a thing and that Instagram Stories are the social tool of the moment i thought was not such a bad idea to combine it in the title. But since i don’t like to trick who read my article i swear this medium post will be full of Instagram Stories (on the left).

Adam J. Kurtz

The best moment to wrap up an event is right away the end of it. So here we are, OFFF 2017 was in the beginning of April this year. As for every important event i go i like to write down some thoughts, this help you to understand if the conference is worth it to book and me to put on paper the most interesting people or concept i saw. I will just talk about random stuff i saw this year that are stil alive in my mind.

OFFF 2017 Campaign

This year all the communication was given to OUTRO studio. They are an awesome studio in Barcelona and they did an amazing job. If i have to be honest i thing the way VASAVA did everything for OFFF 2015 is incomparable, but if you were there u can understand that the book they designed is something beyond a normal book. I guess the budget for the 2015 edition was also bigger. Anyway the book from OUTRO studio is amazing and the communication is great.

The branding for OFFF this year was focused on the human senses, they designed a visual set to explain the senses that the conference trigger. The color they used are just full rib blue and red, this lead to a very strong contrast that was great to see around.

The book as usual is full of content on the speakers and what makes this really unique is the mirror cover.


Everything came with a video about the senses that off could wake up that i have to say is one of the best video i’ve ever saw at OFFF. Useless to explain, just click play.

The always amazing OFFF venue

Are u a witch or not?

This is a quote from an Harry Potter movie, in one scene Hermione and Ron are stuck in a cave and they need a spark in order to resolve a situation. Hermione is looking for a lighter but she doesn’t have one. Basically she’s doing something all of us would do, no problem if you just forget she’s a witch. At that point Ron just shout “are you a witch or not?” remembering her that she’s not a normal person and that she doesn’t need a lighter to produce a spark.

This is something we should always remember in both ways, we are not normal users, we have our mind and skills to resolve problem and help people to have a better experience. On the other side we need to remember that we do not design for ourself, we design for the world out there and not everybody use the brain the same way we do facing an interface. Just keep it simple.

Ask for it, you maybe could get a yes.

Friday evening means APOLO

This is a concept that came up in various talk. If you don’t ask you already have a no, just try, you could get a yes. Anton and Irene did this asking the rights to use a Dutch photographer work in their onesharedhouse project and they got a full yes. Jamhot did this asking to a mall to collaborate and they ended up doing a national campaign for them. They also asked Stefan Sagmeister few tips when they started the studio and they ended up spending a whole night with him talking about everything.


Cup and Cake bar for Breakfast is Top

Another concept that i saw many times is that you don’t need a photo studio with a 5D to take brilliant pictures and you don’t need a 30 people agency to design a cool website. People are over processes and tools, you can shoot a great campaign in your living room and 2 people can manage to design the new MET.COM, even if they cannot explain how they did. Many times we stop ourself with excuses about budget and tools instead to try and see the result.

Skills are great but ideas are everything

IF Stranger Things main title

From the big production to the small in-house video this concept is always there. Santiago Carrasquilla explained how they shot the If I don’t ask, I won’t get video for Sagmeister and Walsh and the strength of it is just the idea to use balloons in a creative way to use the quote as the main part of it. During the amazing speech by Imaginary Forces they showed what is behind the Stranger Things main title. I won’t spoiler anything but there is a full world of concepts and ideas behind it.

Anyway, IF will design the main title for offf next year so better to grab a ticket on time for you, I bet this will be something incredible.

OFFF main title from Vallée Duhamel

This is the second time i see them and i have to admin that every time they are simply great.

I won’t talk here about their work because i guess that they are already enough well known. The video they did for this year main title is just pure art. As for the video from OUTRO studio just click play.

Everything i have to say about this, is that despite their background they shot this video on a green screen. This is the first time they do this and i think they are really brave to try it out for the OFFF main titles.

4K paper plane together

If you know a little bit the others work they did you already saw that in their videos there are always some paper planes flying around. Before the talk they gave one sheet of paper to everyone and at the end they asked to make a paper plane and to throw it all together. I guess we broke some world record btw.

The Crew

This year i went with my colleagues from Ander Group + my former colleagues from Stylight and another former Stylight colleague now working for Autoscout24.

Ander Group + Stylight + Autoscout 24 = Best Crew

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis speech
Joshua Davis show at Razzmatazz and btw he answered me back!

Joshua Davis is always there at OFFF, last 2 years he did a performance but this year for the first time since many edition he hold a speech. I’m really happy of this because i love his work and i always asked to myself how could him make money out of it. His speech was focused mainly on how his experimental project became a commercial work.

The process is really easy, he does some crazy shit and he just post it on the internet, a brand sees that and ask him to do some crazy shit for them. Really easy. He did like this for the Facebook developer conference in San Francisco and he did the same for the Super Bowl preparty.

Personal projects

As every year this is a main theme across a lot of speech, personal projects or agency projects let you do whatever you want and let the world out there to know that you are damn good in doing that. Anton and Irene always say “If you post crap in your portfolio you will get client that want crap” so just don’t post crap and do not do it. Almost every speaker talked about how doing personal stuff bring them other work (Joshua Davis) or at least satisfaction (Anton and Irene).

Lance Wyman

Great Instagram Story from Elena

Lance Wyman is the man behind Mexico 68 logo, but you cannot simply take only this work to describe an entire life designing stuff.

They kept him at last just because he’s an icon for every designer. His speech was more than inspiring, was 70 years of life and work melted together in a 45 minutes slideshow. Personal life and projects just live in the same space for him and so it was in the speech. He deeply talked about Mexico 68, how they took the project (they bought a one way ticket to Mexico because they didn’t have the money to buy a return one), how they designed it and what this bring them. All the branded stuff they did for this project maybe is what a normal designer can do in his entirely life.

He got the only standing ovation that happened this year and he deserved it so much that he got emotional, this was really a nice moment for everyone.

Happy film by Stefan Sagmeister

There is a lot of buzz around the Happy Film and i got the chance to see it at OFFF. I have to admit that i went in with other expectations. I expected to smile and laugh but i ended up crying twice. Is a really deep movie and as usual Stefan really put all himself in front of the camera. This movie is just him exploring the pursuit of happiness in 3 different ways, my advice is just to watch it.

Best news comes in the end

Just before the main titles Héctor Ayuso announced that next year OFFF will be on May 26. Pretty cool that they move it a little bit closer to the summer as last year. Another announcement as i said before is that Imaginary Forces will do the next year main titles, really looking forward to it.

Barcelona beach, another reason to visit OFFF

If you got here i hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you