Top 10 useful tools came up in my mind

As every designer does i decided to write my list of useful tool i use everyday in my job. The reason behind this is really simple, i found the best tools ever scrolling the list of other designers so i hope some could do the same with mine.

Just click on the homepage image before every tool to go to the website and download it.

Avocode—12$ per user

f you are the type of designer that works side by side with developers this tool will save you a lot of time, you can easily import a psd file and share it with your dev, he will be able to see every single elements on the psd and grab the associated CSS. This means no more long explanations about every single color you used and no misunderstanding and most of all you can save your dev Ps licence.

Droplr — Free

I don’t think i could work anymore without droplr. With this free tool you can take a screenshot directly uploaded on the cloud with the command cmd+shift+5 and you’ll find the url for that screenshot in your clipboard. It’s perfect if you need to send a quick screenshot of your work to a colleague. There are also other cool features like uploading direct from Ps an artboard or capturing a gif with your camera to show your reaction to someone.

Pinterest — Free

Ok i know that everyone of you already use pinterest but here in Stylight we use it in a collaborative way, or at least we try. We use secrets boards to upload screenshot and project we want fast feedback on from other designers in the company. This is pretty simple and really fast to set up. If you don’t mind to spend some bucks per month you can also use that works pretty good.

Evernote — Free

Evernote is the best app to track my note, i’m using it even now to write this text. I can save it and continue it on my iPhone on the plane or in the metro. It’s perfect, sync everything without asking me anything and it’s free.

Pixelstick — Free

If you work on websites like me sometimes you need a tool to check that everything is at the right place. Pixelstick open a stick on your screen with all the lines you need to verify all the alignments without being forced to take a screenshot and open it in Ps

Dribble new tab for Chrome — Free

I love Dribbble and i use it to grab inspiration from time to time. With this plugin everythime you’ll open a new tab in chrome you’ll have the latest dribbble shot without any other distractions.

Paper prototype — Free

Pencil before pixels, that’s how i work. For this reason i need some paper prototype to sketch on. This one from Matthew Stephens are perfect and i use it everyday.

Pop — Free for 3 projects

If you like to paper prototype as i do and you want to build fast app prototype you should download this. Sketch your app on paper, take a pic for every screen and build your prototype direct on your iphone.

F.lux — Free

i downloaded this app few weeks ago but already i feel like i can’t work anymore without it. This awesome app change the color temperature of your screen according to the time of the day. You can disable it for specific app like Ps but trust me when you turn it off you can really tell the difference for your eyes.

Invision — 25$ monthly

I decided to don’t write about too much famous app like Spotify, slack and so on but Invision is something i really use everyday with all my colleagues. And even if i think many things are missing (somebody says responsive projects?) is still valuable for me. If you don’t know, this awesome app let you build prototype and let you share it with everyone, even with somebody that doesn’t has an account with a simple url.

I hope at least one of this tool will be useful for you, if it is drop me a line with your best tools for your daily job and i’ll be happy to learn a new one.