Pretty Much Everything

Week. 11

I recently picked up the Draplin Design book “Pretty Much Everything”. I found out about Aaron Draplin fairly recently when he did a branding challenge online. I was drawn to his clever, funny and simplistic approach.

Draplin makes cool logos for whatever he’s passionate about. His style is beautifully simple taking inspiration from older designs found from odds and sods that he comes across travelling around the US. To me his style feels very American, it could be the kinds of client he works with, but his work all sits together and and feels very unique to him. It feels like he is inspired by the likes of branding greats like Paul Rand.

I love the sense of humour and the playfulness in his stuff. Draplin doesn’t take himself too seriously approaching each project with the same passion and enthusiasm. The work takes on that more “retro” (hate that word) feel as it’s not tied to digital. The applications tend to occupy the physical world making products such as Field Notes. The digital work he does seems to usually be in Illustrator using bold, thick lines and really simple, effective block colour.

There’s a lot of love for Futura Bold, and Pantone Orange 021. His use of typography in general feels pretty timeless, with his work looking like it would work in any different time and still be as effective. I have total respect for his work ethic and the fun he brings to his designs. The timeless simplicity of his work is perfect for branding each with their own different quirk or personality yet clearly a DDC creation.

Some music from this week

  • Wake Up Circa Waves
  • Veins Palace
  • Rest of It Strand of Oaks
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