YouTube Sans

Week 22.

The other week YouTube released their first brand typeface, YouTube Sans (originally named huh!). It was created along with the launch of YouTube TV. The font is to be used as part of the branding for this new product (apparently it’s still unclear if it will be used on a wider scale).

The inspiration for this “quirky” font was taken from the well known YouTube play icon (arguably more associated with the brand now than the logo).

I particually like the angluar cuts inspired from the play arrow. This treatment isn’t a million miles away from the Channel 4 branding and their “dynamic and unusual shapes”.

The font reminds me quite a bit of DIN. Something in the general weighting and it’s legibility. To me it feels more practical and despite the interesting cuts made, more formal than “quirky” (woe betide any Google brand not be full of quirks). That’s not a bad thing I just think it sits more formally. It’s available in 4 different weights: light, medium, bold and extrabold.

I actually like this font quite a bit, I hope that it gets rolled out a bit more.I’d be curious to see it used more around YouTube in general.

Some music from this week

  • Blood On Me Sampha
  • Twist in the Dark Gold Class
  • Medicine Biffy Clyro
  • Higher Than the Sun Peace
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