Teck Inn|IV drip Alert

Woken up in the midnight with a terrible pain to check for iv’s status is a critical issue for many patients not only in my country Rwanda but also common in whole Africa. Teck Inn takes advantage to find a solution which will save million’s life of Africa in July 2017.

It’s to this reason that we would love to share our learning and experience with the public, which have been started in Rwanda.

For Hospitals in Rwanda and Africa as well, Teck Inn is aiming to offer an iv drip alert that’s more accurate than the manually system through an automatic monitoring device.

About 80% of hospital patients in Rwanda require intravenous fluid therapy, and between 15% and 80% of IV lines fail due to infiltration, a clot in the cannula, an inflammatory response of the vein, or separation of the cannula from the vein. Infiltration of medications during infusion therapy results in complications ranging from erythema, pain to tissue necrosis requiring amputation. At present, visual inspection by the hospital staff is the primary means for detecting IV infiltration, which is really stressfull for the staffs like nurses/doctors who have other patients to take care of.

This manually system used for monitoring IV drip puts the life of millions patients at risk of severe health complication, infections, air embolism or even death, and is not because nurses are relating for their work, but from the smart researchers found that 30 per cent of nurse’s time is spent monitoring the IVs. The shortage of nurses in Rwanda is acute-

Our minimum viable product come After discovering such problems and our objective is to develop an IDA(iv drip alert) system capable of monitoring the fluid administration, delivering fluid into a patient’s body in a control amounts and providing alerting healthcare in real-time when an empty bag occurs. This system will be able to prevent medication errors by allowing the continuous monitoring of medication administration and The device will be able to intercept and correct potentially serious infusion mistakes before they happen.

The system is coming to save the life of many patients, reduce the stress for the nurses and save time as well. This new technology will enhances patient comfort and increases healthcare worker safety through its simplified module device and platform. The device will , constantly connected to the hospital’s wireless network to gather information/data and save them, so that doctors/nurses can easily access it on the platform. The data will be used to identify best care practices, improve quality outcomes, and achieve the goals of improving patient safety.

So the system’s automated, is affordable and efficient for hospitals, is also a critical innovation and as African will benefit from it.

For good patient care in hospitals to assure fast recovery the system had been welcomed because it will maintaining patient’s safety and will reduces the stress in continual monitoring by the doctor/nurses at an affordable cost in provide peace of mind to users of IV drip system.

For this project we have received several award like People’s choice award in Ms geek competition, Best Innovator Award, we attended competition like Ms Geek competition. The project has continuously received professional advice from expert’s world in various fields, The team has undertake training, mentorship by institutions like She Trades, Microsoft, Pivot Access, Tumba college of technology and Girls in ICT Rwanda.