Lies in Plain Sight

Due to the recent election, I have noticed a rise in click bait attracting the weak-minded. I never really paid much attention to these articles that would show up like ads in the corner of my screen. They always seemed so obviously fake that I did not think anyone other than the extremely bored would click on them, let alone believe these articles. Fake news clutters the web even more than the truth and writing it seems to be an ever-growing trend among those looking to make a few bucks, even if it is not the morale thing to do.

Out of the three modes of persuasion, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, fake news mainly uses Pathos. It plays at your morals and feelings, making you feel very passionate about the article and what it is saying. It has even pushed peoples’ feeling so far as to cause shootings and violence, such as the gunman that attacked a D.C. pizzeria. He had read an article about how the pizzeria was secretly a pedophile ring run by Democratic politicians.

Fake news would not be an issue if people took the warning signs scattered around each article and realized that the story they were reading was fraud. Even a glance at the title often gives away that the news is a lie. If it seems a little too grandeur or is scattered with capitalized words, odds are that it is fake news. If someone is still unsure if the article is real or not, just do a quick search of the author of the editor or check if the story is real by looking at other sources. Fake news is often a big story, so odds are that if it were true, it would be all over the internet and on nearly every news channel.

It is fairly easy to tell if an article is fake or not, so fake news really should not be as big of a problem as it is. People are too easily goaded into believing such unbelievable stories. Sure, angering some enough to attack others such as in the case of the pizzeria is awful and wrong, but so is getting angry enough to kill because of an article. I don not really see the issue with a fake news story, but I do see the issue with someone being naive enough to believe an article titled “FBI AGENT SUSPECTED IN HILLARY EMAIL LEAKS FOUND DEAD IN APPARENT MURDER-SUICIDE.” Do not believe everything you see in papers and magazines because fake news is everywhere, and it seems that many people actually believe it.

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