The Harsh Impact Of Islamophobia

Muslims have been experiencing hate for too long. Whether it be violet attacks, problems in the workplace, or even people judging them because of their culture and religion. All is hate and it’s degrading to them as a race and living breathing people.

All of this hate toward Muslims just sums up to one word, that word being Islamophobia. Islamophobia is affecting Muslims day after day and isn’t talk about.

Muslims have been violently attacked for many years from state to state. Mostly in America due to 911, but even though Muslim Americans also suffered the damage from that day they are still seen as “terrorist”. An 2021 article by abcNEWS talks about the violent attacks that Muslims had to endure after 911. The article states, “Some victims were beaten, attacked, or held at gun point.” Just after one event people all over the the country started hate criming and attacking Muslims more and more.

Although Islamophobia has been around, the same article tells us, “Hate crime rose 167% from 2000 to 2001…” Just in one year attacks were non stop, nothing was changing. Although this was happening to an entire race nobody was batting an eye. The same article tells us that according to the FBI, “As years passed the number of hate crimes rose again in recent years.” Theses charts are just telling us that as years pass nothing is changing.

Though it may seem that way because charts say that crimes dropped it doesn’t change the fact that they rise again and again. One of the first back to back crime years was 2000–2001 but recently it picked back up. abcNEWS stated in their article that, “in 2015 there were 257 hate crimes against Muslims and 307 in 2016.” As shown here the attacks haven't stopped and the number in the years just keeps increasing.

When it comes to the attacks, many are always aiming towards their religion A Hate Crime Reporting article states that a lot of the attacks are, “…attacks on women wearing headscarves.” This is one of the biggest crimes and attacks on Muslims overall, coming for them because of their appearance and something related to their culture.

The attack rate on Muslim people don’t seem to drop and its due to the wide range of Islamophobia and stereotype surrounding the race.

Due to their race and religion many Muslims struggle to find jobs or they have trouble in their work environment. Even though they get their education like any and every other race, Muslim s get turned away from jobs. Not only is it a struggle to get the job but dealing with coworkers and customers as well.

An BBC News article that talks about the disadvantage Muslim women have in the workplace, and they asked the women about their experiences and plethora of them had a lot to say about the unprofessional racism they faced. A Muslim women named Ayesha said, “After four consecutive rejections I decides to walk into my fifth job interview without my hijab. Bingo I got the job.” This connects to the other hate crimes against Muslims and the disrespect people have when it comes to their culture. Not only did she struggle to get jobs in the first place but she had to tear apart a piece from her culture from herself in order to be “presentable”.

But Ayesha wasn’t the only one Muslim to experience this. That same article got tot hear what Vasha had ro say, she says “I can see the the disapproval on interviews faces as they quickly glace up and down at what i'm wearing.” They see her hijab and right then and they disapprove. It is not fair and it is unprofessional.

But even data shows that the race of a person may sometimes determine if they get a job. An article from The Conversation talks about job recruiter discriminating against Muslims and the amount of time people of color may have to apply for a job, it states “Oxford recently showed that Black and Asian people have to submit twice as much job applications as white British people.” This just proves that all people look at is race and not hard work. Muslims have to face so much hate and being turned away from work is one of the ways they experience it.

When it comes to Muslim religion and culture, there are a lot of crime ands disrespect surrounding it and its people. All the way from attacking women with hijabs, to ruining Muslim communities, people continue to violate them.

A Hate Crime Reporting article gave evidence that people go to the extreme to disrespect the culture, some of the crimes include “Attacks on mosques… religous holidays-including leaving remains of pis outside Muslim famiy homes.” Not only is it disrespectful to leave anything at people's homes and places they pray but also disrespectful to go against their religious customs. In Islamic culture pork is a forbidden food, this is why people are being disrespectful and leaving pig remains. Not only is this really disrespectful but it can be traumatizing for the families.

These are problems people keep ignoring, not only are they ignoring them but the rate of these crimes are continuously rising. An article published on Pew Research Center talks about the assault done to Muslims in the U.S throughout the years and the different types of attacks. The article talks about past rates and says “…types of crimes that damage or destroy property, including vandalism also have risen from 70 cases in 2015 to 92 in [2016].” At this time cases had risen a huge amount in just a year and no one did anything to help.

But that is not all, many Muslims have started speaking about this. A GALLUP article talking about Islamophobia and what Muslims in the west have to say about their living environment says “Many Muslims report not feeling respected by those in the West.” Muslims are no longer staying quiet, they are starting to speak up about the hate. That same article surveyed Muslims and it says “Culture…across all regions surveyed as root causes of tension between muslims and the Western world.” This survey showed us that Muslim culture is something people disrespect. This is a big problem and it needs to be brought to people's attention.

Many Muslims around the world struggle with hate. Some of that hate turns into attacks against them. It's also people denying them jobs just because they are Muslim. Also people disrespect their culture whether that is by attacking them because they wear a hijab or they vandalize their homes. This continues to be ignored by everyone, charts and data continue to prove this and it’s wrong. It’s time for people to stand up for Muslims and their rights and completely stop Islamophobia.



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