How to build and implement Personalised sorting

  1. Manage visibility
  1. Product (or item) stream — product details (type of inventory, inventory, product attributes like image, description, category etc. Typical model refresh cycle is once every two hours.
  1. Defining of test and control group for A/B tests
  2. Control what % of users see default vs personalised sort
  3. Stop personalised content serving if required (eg very big sale event where most of the content is cached and not personalised)
  4. Provide infrastructure for load balancing across distributed servers
  1. CTR — across categories
  2. Contribution from personalised sort assisted sales
  3. Impact on ARPU ( average revenue per user) net of returns
sort order performance evaluation



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Rookie photographer & traveller. Professionally I enjoy building data products which lead to improvement in customer engagement & retention.