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AN Social Authenticity Network
3 min readApr 21, 2024


Welcome to our latest post where we dive deep into the in-app rewards system of the AN Social Authenticity Network. Today, we’re exploring how our rewards mechanism not only benefits our users but also sustains the dynamic nature of our ecosystem.

What is AN Social Authenticity Network?

AANN.ai stands at the forefront of combining AI, WEB3-WEB2 technologies with provable social media dynamics, creating a global #SocAuth platform where authenticity and community engagement are not just encouraged but rewarded. It’s a system designed to enhance authentic social interactions and help build trust across the social media scape.

Why Rewards are Crucial in AN Social Authenticity Network

At the heart of network stands the AN rewards model which ensures that each user can monetize their data and contributions to the network, motivating provable and authentic contributions to the network. Engagement, reviews and peer to peer validation in the AN Network are imporant and valued. Every review, shared experience, verifiable instance and referral don’t just enrich the social interactions of our users; but directly enhance users’ potential to earn supplemental income.

Adjustable ANr Conversion Logic

Unlike traditional systems that offer a fixed points-to-token conversion rate, AN introduces an adjustable rate for converting off-chain rewards points (ANr) to $AN tokens. This flexibility is key in order to adjust for higher levels of volatility inherent in crypto markets, thus AN is focused on ensuring a fair rewards system regardless of token price or market conditions.

Main Principles of ANr Rewards System

  1. Market-Driven Adjustments: The conversion rate dynamically responds to market fluctuations, ensuring that rewards reflect current token values and market health.
  2. Engagement-Driven Rewards: More active users can influence the conversion rate, promoting a vibrant community where contributions are directly linked to rewards.
  3. Protocol Revenue-Driven: Our unique formula adjusts rewards based on AN’s financial performance, aligning user incentives with the platform’s success.

Innovative Conversion Formula

Conversion Rate = (Base Rewards Emission / Total ANr Earned) * (1/ EXP(Price_k¹)) * Growth Multiplier²

1. Price_k = (Current Price/Base Price (0,00012$)) — 1

2. Growth Multiplier = (Current Revenue/ Base Revenue*)^(1/2)

*base revenue is considered as a revenue of a first profitable month

This formula ensures that rewards are not only fair but also responsive to both market and engagement metrics.

Sustainability Through Dynamic Adjustment

The ability to adjust the conversion rate according to real-time data ensures that the $AN token remains sustainable. It’s about maintaining balance — encouraging user participation when market conditions are tough, and stabilizing the token supply when demand increases.

Final Thoughts

Our rewards system is designed to be as dynamic as the community it serves. By intricately linking rewards to market conditions, user engagement, and platform revenue, AN Social Authenticity Network not only supports its users but also fosters a healthy, sustainable ecosystem for the long term.

Stay tuned for the upcoming features in our Beta release and how they will further enhance your experience and rewards with the AN Social Authenticity Network mobile application!

For more insights and updates, check out the Machinations Model to see our rewards system in action.

Join us in redefining social authenticity and get rewarded for your genuine contributions. Explore AN today and become part of a community that values real interactions and rewards genuine engagement.

About AANN.ai:
AANN.ai is the creator of a first-of-its-kind Next Generation Social Authenticity Network “AN” where trust is not the exception but the norm!

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AN Social Authenticity Network

AANN.ai Lab is building a first-of-its-kind AI-Powered Social Authenticity Network "AN" where trust is not the exception but the norm!