“The Flippening” & How I Learned to Stop Loving Bitcoin
Sebastian Moonjava

I just spent the last 8 months working on the second edition of Mastering Bitcoin and I couldn’t even scratch the surface of all the innovation that is happening in BTC. You don’t see it? You’re not looking.

The idea that Bitcoin is stale and that Ethereum will come to the rescue without stumbling on all the same milestones of growth that Bitcoin has overcome is a fiction. Scaling? Much bigger problem in every other chain. Governance? The long knives are being sharpened. Attacks? You need to do something disruptive and interesting to be worthy of attacks. It’s all coming and with it will come the rollecoaster markets and the infighting.

Yes, Ethereum is interesting. In a few years it might actually find some application niches where it might thrive. I’m no maximalist, but I am maximally engaged in Bitcoin. That’s where the most important innovations are happening. That’s the biggest, baddest, most stable platform for global trust and value.

I’m going to invest a big chunk of time in Ethereum because unlike many other chains it actually differentiates and can find its own niche. That’s if it isn’t co-opted by the “enterprise” shills.

There won’t be a flippening any time soon. Investors might flippen. But the devs, the researchers, the innovators? They were never in it for a quick buck. We’re building a tech revolution, not a get rich quick scheme. It’s not easy, it’s not without drama. But nothing worth doing is drama free.

By all means, diversify if you see this as an investment. Work on tech skills in multiple areas (I am). But don’t mistake easy sailing for great sailors. The waves are coming.

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