Memories I made while being part of the Fueler blog challenge.

Anuj Sarita
4 min readFeb 21


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The last 6 blogs I wrote here on Medium were a part of the blog challenge conducted by Fueler.

It was a challenge where we had to write seven blogs in seven days.

I would first like to thank Fueler for conducting such a challenge. Beginners like me get a lot of motivation and set a good routine to follow for the future!

This is the last blog for the challenge where I will share the experiences I made while being part of this amazing challenge.

So let's dive in.

1. Initial feeling –

Well before this challenge, I was on a mission of starting to write on Medium. In fact, two of my blogs were published already but at an expense of ten days.

Yes, It took me ten days to write two blogs. I was satisfied. I told myself to not rush. And then came this challenge.

What excited me the most was that the topics to choose from were given each day. If the topics were not given, for sure I would have procrastinated and missed a day or two.

This was my first experience.

Liking the simplicity and supporting features of the challenge.

2. Watching myself complete a blog within a day.

I will talk about day one at this point. I was not sure if I would complete a thousand-word blog in a day initially.

It looked like a challenge. But since I was into freelancing, I chose a freelancing related topic from the list and made it easy for myself to complete the first blog.

I did complete the blog by the evening.

A sigh of relief.

From writing 2 blogs in 10 days to finishing a blog in a day, the feeling was so special.

I was feeling like an accomplished writer already.

I even wrote a second blog from the seven choices of blogs allowed for day one.

3. A series of headaches, brain fog, and loss of concentration.

Getting into days 3, 4, and 5 was not easy. I was writing more than I had written in the past year.

Yes, I was writing poetries and short fiction occasionally back then, but not articles.

So writing articles every day took a toll on my brain. Burning eyes and writer’s block were so evident. Even my family recognised it.

I even thought of skipping a day but then decided against it.

This was because I have read stories of so many writers here on Medium who wrote articles every day for a year.

Yes, for a year! and here I am not able to write consistently for seven days, I thought.

How will I make it as a writer if I don’t push my boundaries?

This was my silent conversation with myself on the intermediate days of the challenge.

Nonetheless, I didn't quit. And I am kinda proud of myself for it.

4. Experiencing the feeling of accomplishment –

As I am writing this seventh and final blog of the challenge, a sense of achievement and victory has filled my heart.

Now I firmly believe that I can write at least six blogs in a week. All thanks to the challenge!

The challenge built me a writing habit I didn't have before and all writers know how important daily writing is.

More subtle experiences that occurred to me in these seven days -

  • I would wake up every day with the mission to write.
  • While doing breakfast, walking my dog, or gardening, I was able to come up with new ideas and I would think and how would I apply these ideas to my blog.
  • This eye burn and mental shutdown I hadn’t experienced ever before.
  • Even my degree’s final examinations were not so taxing. But I figured out that this tiredness only was a part of me and it blocked out my creative juices to flow.
  • Just as I completed the blog for day five, the blankness faded away and I could think clearly.
  • I think I learned a lesson that whenever you start something new, some kind of evil force inside you will stop you from giving it your 100%.
  • But when you overcome this evil, you will realize that the evil was temporary and now your creative being has an upper hand.
  • You wake up every day with a mission.
  • Now that the challenge is ending, I notice a much more motivated version of me who will try to carry the momentum forward and try to write a blog each day.

Don’t forget to check Fueler.

A big hug to you if you are here !!

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