DeepOnion To the Moon !

Did you have heard about Onions going to the moon? (Is he CRAZY ?). Well that’s what i said at first but bit by bit I started to realise that it’s POSSIBLE. Why ?
First of all, DeepOnion is an Anonymous cryptocurrency that operates over the TOR network that includes a range of unique features: The Proof of Stakes (PoS), the X13 Proof of Work (PoF) algorithm, and The Onion Router (TOR).
For now let’s talk a bit of bitcoin: Sure it’s private but your public address keeps the history of all your transactions, source and outputs. So when you withdraw your coins via an exchanger to cash, it’s too easy for the banking system to trace all your transactions because of your BTC adress. AND because of the skyrocketing popularity of the bitcoin, fees are becoming much higher and processing time is ridiculously high (exceeding 1hour for 3 confirmations).
Let’s move back to DeepOnion: DO is following a different approach unlike bitcoin, they are aiming to make transactions totally secure,untraceable and anonymous in the market by hiding your IP address (Thanks TOR) and using the upcoming feature “DEEPSEND” providing a new layer of security for users(more information in the future).
Furthermore, according to a recent survey, The number ONE priority for a long-term investment in a Coin would be a STRONG community. How did DO made that? it’s simple: Using the Airdrop Innovation effectively.
In order to apply for it, strict conditions shall be met to prevent cheaters, dumpers and non serious members to get a hold of the precious coins that make the price drop downhill. So only True followers, active and loyal members will be able to join the Airdrop leading to a strong, dedicated team that believe in the immense potential of DeepOnion community.
In addition, the dev team are doing a great job working on new innovations like DeepVault (you’ll find a lot of articles talking about it’s worth), improving the website, looking for integrate new exchanger and eyeing an online commerce and much more !
In addition staking shall not be forgotten as the more you store your coin in the wallet the more you get. A great passive income !
The coin is still new so hurry up and Take a HOLD of those coins either by Airdrop or buying them at a cheap price before we land on the moon :D

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