TRAW! When the Real always Win

Htm Mh
Htm Mh
Mar 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Even if Bitcoin is falling, Altcoins are bleeding and investors are panicking, There is always a window for fresh and exciting projects. For now I’ll be speaking about an Airdrop (again?) that really got my interest because of 2 reasons: The Dev is known as Goat (that what they call him) and introducing the next generation of kids to blockchain technology, well this is kind of unique goal and worth getting a closer attention.

For starters, TRAWs initial focus will be on introducing local businesses with blockchain based tools to reward new and repetitive customers of their business. Next, TRAW will focus on implementing a reward system for poverty stricken communities allowing homeless members of the community to get rewarded for contributing uplifting community services.

I said it’s an Airdrop, of course, Waves token contract will be used to make the weekly distribution of TRAW to the airdrop participants (I got tired from ECR20 token) through 40 Rounds. At the end of Airdrop, participants will be required to swap from the Waves token to the new POS chain coin. Giving a fair shot for all participant staking on equal footing!

The Airdrop depends on your discord activity, Those who reach level 10 will be automatically rewarded with a stake in the airdrop pot. Every week will consist of a TRAW pot between 500,000 TRAW and 1,000,000 TRAW. Later, social media activity might be required. For Now, I received a total sum of 12k TRAW tokens (not bad for 2 AD rounds).

Last but not least, I will talk about how they will introduce kids to blockchain technology, TRAW will be sponsoring a non-profit organization by the name of Bitcoin and Kids, based in New York, that focuses on promoting blockchain technologies to kids in school through specially created after school programs. The platform will allow holders of TRAW to reward students that show exceptional skills in understanding blockchain technology, and reward the kids for doing chores around the house, more details to come in the following weeks.

If you want to join TRAW, check discord: Bitcointalk ANN: Trade TRAW: