We fight for a spam-free community forum

DeepOnion is in an uptrend movement since two weeks ago when the price was 0.56$ by increasing to 1.18$ the moment I’m writing now (110% increase in 2 weeks !).

Since the introduction of the DeepPoints airdrop, the forum started attracting a large number of new members, from the serious and willing to contribute for the community future to the spammers who are only coming for quick and fast profits without a single care for DeepOnion.

Deepdomination tasks were introduced, giving a LOT of points for those who complete them, leading to hundreds of members applying for them. Even though It made DeepOnion very popular among the crypto world, It wasn’t safe from the cheater’s claws that found a new way to make fast profits.

New accounts were made, Earned DeepPoints leaderboard filled with unknown new members, Most of them spamming 30 posts/day only replying to the deep domination tasks: How can you promote a project this hard if you still know nothing about DeepOnion and its roadmap!

Some infractions including replying without sending a proof of work, Worst than that Copying other members hard work and claiming they did the work, Extremely poor content reviews, and many more refractions …

Hi spammer, cheaters and Fudders, We have great moderators and solid members that will prevent you from continuing such sorry and ugly activities !

How to limit them ? it’s easy : Report them including his username, the way he’s spamming (copy past …) and a proof. It takes less than 1 hour for him to get banned if he truly means ill to the community.

That’s a WARNING ! Don’t you dare make a fool of us ! WE ARE WATCHING YOU !

Check out the forum: https://deeponion.org/community/ (DeepOnion Community Central)
 How to apply to Airdrop: https://deeponion.org/airdrop.html (DeepOnion — Join the DeepOnion Airdrop)
 How we dominate: https://deeponion.org/community/forums/deep-domination-tasks-extra-deeppoints.125/

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