Trust No One

Excellent article. I find myself still with much I don’t understand and many points of confusion. I will keep reading. But are you asserting that the logic of your position will prevail in the sense that bitcoin + lighting + segwit? but not segwit2? will be what is known as, used as bitcoin and BTC or XTC on exchanges?

Are you further asserting that a hard fork will trade bitcoin2 BTC2 etc. and may divide the market and value of BTC minimally?

As I understand things (I need to read more) BTC2 is a (edit coo) coup by miners. But surely, with much money behind this fairly small concentrated group, the billions they collectively own, the mining channels they own, the mind share they can influence and buy, the apparent 90% unanimity about segwit2, it would seem the value in bitcoin will migrate there.

Who knows?

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