2024 Primary Election Updates

March 2024

As we wait for the 2024 Primary Election results, we wanted to take stock of how our network mobilized AAPI voters. We build people power and vote to take our democracy back and ensure that everyday people are included in decision-making processes at the state and local level.

Pilipino Workers Center Tagalog phone bank

Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Hmong Innovating Politics, Khmer Girls in Action, and Pilipino Workers Center had over 5,000 conversations with voters. As a part of the Million Voters Project, our network was part of a multiracial campaign to get voters fired up about elections. A majority of canvassed voters (65%) agree California should have stricter rules to prevent corporations and billionaires from using their wealth to avoid paying their fair share in taxes.

Empowering Pacific Islander Communities volunteer phone bank

We also supported volunteer phone banks led by Empowering Pacific Islander Communities. Their volunteers talked with 330 voters. An accountable government is responsive to the needs of the people. Strong and healthy Pasifika communities are crucial to the well-being of California.

Corporations based in California are directly profiting from the war in Gaza (and many more international conflicts) by creating military weapons and surveillance technologies. These corporations are often paid by the US government using our tax dollars. As voters, we tell our elected officials that we want corporations to stop robbing our communities of resources.

Our new Capacity Building Director, Amy Horn, is hosting 2 volunteer meet and greets in April:
1. April 3rd, 2024 at 5:30pm-7:00pm (Long Beach)
2. April 11th from 5:00pm-6:30pm (Virtual)

Dinner will be provided for both. This will be a space to learn more about our work as a statewide alliance organization, upcoming events and volunteer activities

Sign up here: bit.ly/meet-aapiforceef

Last week, officials announced that Proposition 1 narrowly passed (50.2 percent in favor to 49.8 percent against, a difference of ~28,000 votes). This close margin reminds us that every single vote makes a difference. We are concerned about how the proposition will impact funding for culturally specific community programs that serve AAPI, Black, Latinx, Native and LGBTQ+ Californians, as well as the potential expansion of the CARE court system.

Because of our experiences with housing insecurity and our legacies of war, migration, and occupation that continue to impact our elders and youth alike, AAPI communities care about maintaining access to our trusted lifelines. Our network will likely need to advocate on the county level to preserve local funding for community wellness programs that Prop 1 could jeopardize. At the same time, Prop 1 opens up new funding streams for new permanent supportive housing and mental health care facilities; our allies will need to be engaged in the budget process to ensure these funds are equitably distributed to communities most in need. Read more

From our network

Chinese Progressive Association held an an intergenerational, bilingual Fireside Chat with Arab Resource and Organizing Center, Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area, and Jewish Anti-Zionist Network. CPA member Ah Yu said, “How is it that with the US being such a wealthy, developed country, we still have war and have to lose our loved ones?”

Asian Pacific Environmental Network staff attended the annual California Climate Policy Summit to discuss critical environmental justice policy and bring a clear message: Climate justice means a free Palestine.
APEN Political Director Maggie Tsai shared about APEN’s statewide campaign to fight Big Oil in the opening plenary — and connected organizing here in California to solidarity for a free Palestine.

Jakara Movement is hosting an Educators of Punjabi Descent Conference on Saturday, April 20. This second annual conference aims to connect educators of Punjabi descent across the state. RSVP here: www.jakara.org/EPD24



AAPIs for Civic Empowerment Education Fund

A statewide network that builds progressive AAPI governing power in CA through campaign organizing, policy advocacy, IVE, and narrative change.