Demand our California Senators to Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

Originally shared November 7, 2023

Voting and holding our elected officials accountable are important steps in exercising our power. Since October 7, 2023, tens of thousands of Californians have taken to the streets calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.⁠

Did you know the US sends $3.8 billion to Israel every year? Instead of funding Israel’s weapons, $609,845,124 of California’s annual tax dollars could:⁠

  • Provide public housing to 72,497 households for a year⁠
  • Provide free or low-cost healthcare to 212,193 children⁠
  • Fund 6,658 elementary school teachers⁠
  • Power 1,736,213 households with solar electricity for a year⁠
  • Cancel student loan debt for 16,139 students

Source: US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

California’s United States Senators Alex Padilla and Laphonza Butler have not supported the people’s calls for a permanent ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza.

Padilla’s phone numbers:

  • Washington DC: (202) 224–3553
  • Fresno: (559)497–5109
  • Los Angeles: (310)231–4494
  • Sacramento: (916)448–2787
  • San Diego: (619)239–3884
  • San Francisco: (415)981–9369

Butler’s phone numbers:

  • Washington DC: (202) 224–3841
  • Fresno: (559)485–7430
  • Los Angeles: (310)914–7300
  • San Diego: (619)231–9712
  • San Francisco: (415)393–0707

How to Contact our US Senators

For your message to Butler: Select “Foreign Relations”
For your message to Padilla: Select “Share your opinion or comments on bills or other issues”, Message Topic: “Defense and Military”

Message subject: Reject H.Res. 6126 and demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Message copy (includes text from US Campaign for Palestinian Rights):

As a supporter of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), I’m urging you to reject H.Res. 6126, The Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act. Demand an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid entry to Gaza. Please publicly call for a ceasefire, along the lines of the Ceasefire Now resolution in the House, H.Res. 786, led by Rep. Cori Bush.

I will not accept politics-as-usual of words of concern without U.S. policy change. That approach gives Israel a free pass to keep massacring the Palestinian people. Peace is not possible without justice, which begins with an end to Israel’s military occupation, theft of Palestinian land, and attacks on Palestinian lives. I ask that you take action to deescalate today. Please call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to all U.S. complicity in Israel’s violence, including ending U.S. military funding to Israel.


Out of our 52 California US Representatives, only 2 Representatives called for ceasefire (Barbara Lee D-12, Maxine Waters D-43) and 8 Representatives called for a humanitarian pause. It is unacceptable that so few of our representatives are standing up for human rights.

All our federal representatives are up for re-election next year. As constituents and voters, we tell our elected officials what they should prioritize. Join the call to reject US funding for Israel’s military.



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