Homewreckers are Not Welcome Here!

June 2024

California is our home. But billionaires and corporations wreck our home by polluting the environment, exploiting workers, and making the cost of living too damn expensive. They use their wealth to buy greedy politicians to pass harmful statewide propositions to avoid paying taxes and to continue wrecking California. Corporate homewreckers hate California.

In 2024, we will use our political power to defend California against billionaires and corporations AKA Homewreckers. Will you join us?

We believe in the power of working class Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to mobilize, win, and lead the changes California needs. Everyday people have the power to decide how our state is governed.

People of color have long organized to win political power to achieve equity and justice for all. In multi-racial coalitions, we fight to empower our disinvested communities through pro-democracy reforms; ensure community-led priorities are reflected in budget decisions across the state; and assert a vision of what’s possible when we take collective action.

Corporations fear the power of a mobilized working class. Homewreckers are not welcome here!

Join us and learn how you can get involved. bit.ly/ca-homewreckers



AAPIs for Civic Empowerment Education Fund

A statewide network that builds progressive AAPI governing power in CA through campaign organizing, policy advocacy, IVE, and narrative change.