Year of the Wood Dragon

February 2024

Art by Shania Khoo

This Lunar New Year, we will navigate a challenging and busy election year. Like wood dragons, we must be bold, courageous, and purposeful. Together, we’ll explore different pathways and grow stronger when we shed old barks.

Why do we vote as a force in 2024?

We are sick of corporations that back conservative politicians who enable them to pollute our environment, exploit immigrant workers, and displace people from their homes. There are also major corporations based in California that profit from the war in Gaza (and many other international conflicts) by creating military weapons and surveillance technologies. These corporations are often paid by the US government using our tax dollars.

As Californians continue to take to the streets and fill the halls of government calling for ceasefire in Palestine, we also vote as a FORCE this election year to demand change. Corporations fear the power of a mobilized working class.

Our strength is in numbers. By coming together to organize for a better world, we send a powerful message to corrupt politicians and corporations: Communities are more powerful than corporations!

Ways to Vote as A FORCE

Our New Website!

Designed by our Communications Coordinator Shania Khoo, our new website will be a landing site for our statewide work! We’ve grown a lot in the past few years, so get to know us a little better :) Network art by Shania and our Executive Coordinator Kelly Wong.

From Our Network

  • Filipino Advocates for Justice is a member of the Hayward Community Coalition, which mobilized Hayward residents to push their city council to divest $1.6 million in investments from four corporations identified for divestment and exclusion by the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement: Caterpillar, Intel, Chevron, and Hyundai.
  • Asian Pacific Environmental Network Youth Member Lily spoke at rally at the gates of the Chevron Richmond Refinery to call out Chevron for their complicity in fueling the ongoing occupation and genocide in Palestine. Lily made connections between their family who fled US-sponsored wars, their hometown of Richmond, and Palestine.
  • Chinese Progressive Association Tenant Worker Center and Youth MOJO Members provided public comment at San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors meeting to support an immediate ceasefire resolution. They affirmed solidarity with Arab and Muslim communities as hate incidents rise across the country.



AAPIs for Civic Empowerment Education Fund

A statewide network that builds progressive AAPI governing power in CA through campaign organizing, policy advocacy, IVE, and narrative change.