Your favorite presidential candidate won’t bring all the change you want to see in your community, but your local electeds just might.

City Council

  • Approves and monitors city budget
  • Authorizes construction and developments
  • Introduces and passes local ordinances/policies
  • Oversees local public services (affordable housing, libraries, sanitation, construction development guidelines, etc.)

District Attorney

  • Manages prosecutor’s office and investigates alleged crimes
  • Decides what crimes to charge
  • Controls plea deals that are offered
  • Decides whether to send people to state prison or less costly alternative
  • Decides whether or not to prosecute police officers in cases of abuse

Board of Education

  • Approve textbooks & curriculum materials
  • Decide to open/close schools
  • Approve and monitor budget
  • Influence disciplinary policies such as restorative justice, police presence in schools, etc.
  • Investigates cases of racism and abuse in district employees

County Board of Supervisors

  • Oversees operations of County government
  • Pass and repeal county ordinances (laws)
  • Approves county budget
  • Approves of county contracts (such as contracts with private prisons)

State Senator & State Assembly

  • Represents your local district in the CA State Legislature
  • Makes state laws (impacting housing, immigration, education, healthcare, and more)
  • Establishes state budgets

U.S. Representative in Congress

  • Represents your local district in U.S. House of Representatives
  • Introduce and vote on federal bills (impacting housing, immigration, education, healthcare, and more)
  • Raise revenue through taxes
  • Can call for impeachment of president.



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