What hopes NRI´s are having for AAP bringing change for the political environment

If the political climate in India can bring the change that the new wave is promising, especially in Punjab, I think NRI’s like me would not doubt to think about moving back to India.

Move back to where our roots are. We would bring the knowledge and experience to build our country to make it even better. All NRI’s would love to contribute to make the country as great again before it was looted for riches, knowledge and culture.

I know this might sound a little far fetched to think in this way way, but with effort and love for the country we all could move towards this direction.

If the conditions like;

1. Clean water — for better health
2. Electricity to all and support for green and clean energy so that the productivity would increase
3. Focus on eliminating corruption so we could have a sustainable economic systems

if these conditions are met, there would be no need for youth in India to find success abroad. There more than enough challenges at home to take care of.

Building the country where our roots are would give our souls so much soothing that there would be no need to look elsewhere to contribute against money.

India has technology and talent, what they lack is infrastructure in some fields. If NRI´s wanting to move back to India can bring the knowledge around infrastructure, it would benefit India massively.

This is how I dream and I’m sure lot’s of indians like me who are brought up abroad would love to live in India.

Anyone agree?