Sunset at Koh Samui Island, Thailand

The only motivation you’ll ever need

I’m Dying. You are too. And there’s no way to stop it.

You know the whole idea of afterlife, heaven, hell, the next life etc. is bullshit. Maybe you’re a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist or maybe you believe in Ayahuasca spirits of the earth. The truth is — deep down in your gut you know I’m right. You know there is only this life. And you have limited time in it. The time from this exact moment until the day, hour and minute of your death.

And then you cease to exist. Your body’s atoms and molecules may live on and become something else. The memory of you may live on in the things you created and the people you’ve touched. But your consciousness will cease to exist.

Every day with every decision you make you have only two choices.

Fear or Love.

Fear or Boldness. Fear or Excitement. Fear or Creativity.

And Fear is pointless. You see — you’re gonna die anyway.

And on your deathbed are you going to say “I’m glad I watched every political debate on the TV”

“I’m glad I paid my mortgage and bought that house ”

“I’m glad I worked so much and didn’t have time for my family and kids”

“I’m glad I stayed home and didn’t see the world”

“I’m glad I watched my phone all day and didn’t enjoy life”

“I’m glad I didn’t tell that great idea to my boss”

“I’m glad I didn’t write that book that would’ve changed the world”

“I’m glad I watched porn istead of making love to my partner”

“I’m glad I didn’t invent that cool gadget I thought about”

“I’m glad I didn’t make that movie that would’ve inspired people”

“I’m glad I didn’t start that business”

“I’m glad I wasted my precious time on this earth doing pointless things”

No. You’re not gonna say that.

You’re gonna say “I’m glad I lived the life of my dreams”. I was bold. I loved. I cried. I laughed. I had great friends. I built great things. I traveled.

I was not afraid.

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