GV Sri Raj Compares Nara Lokesh 5 Months 23 Times Asserts Growth with Casino Gambling.

The value of assets of Nara Lokesh, Telugu Desam Party general secretary and son of Andhra Pradesh chief minister NChandrababu Naidu, has gone up by a mind-boggling 23 times in a span of five months.

GV Sri Raj who is London Return and Youngest MLA Contestant in 2014 general election educated from London School of Economics & Political Science has made comments comparing Nara Lokesh asserts with Casino. He said ” The World best gambeling player would not really make 330 crore even if he play for 365 Days. But I wonder how the total assert became 23 times in 5 Months, this is nothing but Influence peddling. ”

As the Chief Minister son is in the top priority from the Young age political leaders in the state he should take the responsibility to explain his rapid growth & which will benefit MBA Students Accross the globe. Sri Raj Said in a press release.