aar.is | Documenting my learnings

Here’s the thing, I am a web developer and at this moment I’m creating a portfolio website (aar.is) because I’m trying to get a job as a web developer, and given my lack of actual work experience I feel like I need to show via portfolio website that I know how to code, and that I do have an eye for design and functionality (UI/UX).

How to show experience?

The first thing that I am doing is creating a playground on my website where I’m going to have little projects that I want to create to show how versatile of a programmer I am, for example the old school ping pong computer game that I’m creating with HTML Canvas, some fun animations, working forms, Tic Tac Toe and much more.
So it popped into my head that it might be fun and useful for me, and hopefully others too, to document the process of adding them to my Gatsby site.

Headless CMS?

Since I’m using Gatsby to create my website I thought it would be best to have some sort of headless CMS for all my content and thought about using Wordpress or Contentful as the headless CMS but I actually think that it would be a bit of an overkill for this project since the only thing that it would benefit me is for this documentation and maybe the “about me” page.

Medium it is!

So I have decided to use Medium for the documentation and just fetch all my stories titles and slugs and create a list of links to my Medium stories. In fact I think that the first documentation story is going to be how I fetch the titles and slugs to create that list.

Let’s do this :)

This is going to be fun!
I hope that some of my stories will be useful for you in the future.




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