How to create a 3D Flipbook in WordPress with Divi Theme?

Aarati Parajuli
Jun 19 · 4 min read

PDFs are often boring. Meanwhile 3D Flipbooks are attractive and most likely to be read by visitors in your site. That’s why , converting PDF files into PDF Flipbook in wordpress site is really a great idea. Everyone must try it and see the difference between pdf and wordpress flipbook.

In the other hand when there are numbers of plugins available for wordpress flipbook in the market , it is difficult to choose the best one. Among them, we’ll start with the free version of dFlip- 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin. It helps you to create realistic PDF Flipbook for wordpress with awesome look and feel.

So, today in this article we’ll learn few easy steps to create a WordPress Flipbook by the help of dFlip- 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin with the popular theme, Divi.

Step 1: Download, Install & Activate Divi

Before starting , we assume that you have already created your Elegant Themes account and downloaded the Divi Theme. If not, go Divi to get it . It is downloaded as a file with .zip extension on your computer.

In first step we’ll need to upload the divi theme into our WordPress site. Let’s do it by going to wp-admin panel Appereance> Themes>Add New>Upload Theme > Choose File then locate and select the downloaded zip file on your computer, and click on Install Now. After successful installation , activate the theme.

Step 2: Download dFlip- 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

Next is to download the pdf flipbook plugin by going to dFlip- 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin page and click on download.

Step 3: Install & Activate dFlip- 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

As we did in Step 1 installing and activating plugin is similar to that of theme. Just go to wp-admin panel Plugins>Add New>Upload Plugin> Choose File then install and activate it too. Then you are ready for creating your first wordpress flipbook.

Step 4: Add New WordPress FlipBook

We are now at the heart of this tutorial. To add a new pdf flipbook in wordpress, go to dFlip Books> Add New Book.

Step 5: Select your PDF File

Firstly choose a Book Source Type. dFilp helps you to create Flipbook from both images and pdf flies. You can choose a Book Source Type as “PDF” for pdf files or “Images” for images. In this article we are going to create flipbook with PDF File so we go with “PDF”.

Secondly, upload a PDF File to use as source of the book.
And lastly, if you want the Flipbook to be appeared as Thumb Lightbox , select a PDF Thumbnail Image for PDF thumb.

Step 6: Copy Shortcode

Now save the post as draft. Shortcode will be generated immediately after clicking on Save Draft. Copy the shortcode of desired view mode then you are ready for next step.

Step 7: Display Flipbook in WordPress Site

Finally, you are just one step far from your new flipbook. All you need to do is create a new post and paste the shortcode inside the code block. Simply go to Posts> Add New Post> Add Block > Code or you can paste the shortcode in any existing posts as well (or wherever you want to display).

And your wordpress flipbook is ready :)

Step 8: Customize Flipbook (if needed)

Well done! You can now change the layout as per your desire as well as add an outline to your Flipbook anytime. Just go to dFlip Books > All Books and Edit the book you want to customize. You will love the customizability of dFlip- 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin since it offers lots of options to create the flipbook of your imagination.

Still confused? Feel free to comment below. :)

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