Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban. But that doesn’t make Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops wrong.

If anything, it does the exact opposite.

America Did Everything it Could

There’s this notion going on that the United States has failed to sufficiently defend Afghanistan from the Taliban. …

American politics isn’t as simple as right wingers and left wingers.

That’s not a typo. It’s true and Tuesday’s election result proves it.

The Election Itself

Ohio’s 11th Congressional District is currently unrepresented in Congress because former Rep. Marcia Fudge was nominated and confirmed to be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

I’ve decided to start my blog because I want to share my voice, so much so that my site favicon (the small image that shows up in browser tabs) is a megaphone. But that is also the same exact reason why everyone else starts a blog. I particularly want to…

Aarav Nair

High School Senior, Lifelong Learner

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