One of my dearest students recently asked me a fundamental question that required a real and honest response. The question was, “Aaravindha, why do you sometimes post statements or writings that might appear political in nature? Isn’t spiritual content a different field altogether?” The most straightforward answer is that everything is spiritual content. But it’s especially relevant to our spiritual paths if what’s occurring around us either affirms or contradicts these following four essential needs: freedom, truthfulness, analytical thinking, and compassion.

It only takes a few minutes online, or when reading a contemporary news source, for a sophisticated or insightful reader to see that all four of these principles are being manipulated in extremely unhealthy ways. An old saying in the East states, “what good is it to attempt teaching someone to meditate if they are starving of hunger.” In simpler and more directly germane terms, — what can we do spiritually if we ignore or let fall the simple necessities that starve away our ability to function in a wholesome manner? Life is something that happens to us, it’s an extension of our shared consciousness. It is, in fact, an apropos example of our spirituality as a collective. Suppose we uncaringly attempt to lift ourselves above it all in an artificial effort to be saintlier through ignoring the obvious growing raucous. In that case, we are actually failing our call to respond through caring seva and dharma. For those of you who are unfamiliar with those terms, Seva is the natural response that comes from our inner spiritual essence, to remedy the imbalances that cause undue suffering in life. Dharma is our underlying part of that seva response, which ideally brings healing and order back to a suffering and chaotic world.

That response is essential to set things right again when Adharma moves too far, to threaten unnecessary harm and destruction in life. Adharma is what occurs when we do nothing to right the many wrongs caused through ignorance. On the spiritual path, before all else, we learn to mindfully separate our view out from promoted agendas and pushed polarities that are meant to divide humanity and take these four verities from us. We learn to consciously step back from that theater to reclaim our sovereign ability to listen, feel, and see purely. To perceive beyond the pushed emotional intelligence tactics that are being implemented to gain control of our innocent and vulnerable world audience. We step back so we might better discriminate through a felt intuitive path of dharma-action that honors the essential nature of the heart, — and so we also don’t fall victim to the promoted fear. To instead, return to love, to be grateful, to unify in harmony, to be generous, and most importantly, to relieve suffering.

Whenever I post a controversial articles or statements, whether they support a left or a right agenda, the opposing audience will unfailingly cry out “foul,” and the supportive audience will call out “bravo.” That’s not what I’m after when I present those posts. Regardless of who it might cause to feel offense or happiness, my efforts are intended to work for truthfulness, open discussion, analytical thought, compassion, and awareness, to return renewed sovereignty to those many people being sucked into a dirty polarity-game. To counter that planned agenda that’s already breaking the hearts and minds of the many indoctrinated and manipulated, and is undeniably plummeting our world into a horizontal people-against-people revolution that threatens to cause untold harm and destruction. So again, my answer to that question is, if they agitate or soothe, my posts are always underwritten with an adherence to the one unified field of awareness that rests beyond those promoted rights and wrongs.

I invite you all to join me, to step above the noise of the herd stampede, and to listen for a higher call. And, to answer the best you are able in your own unique and intuited way. Yes, it’s possible you’ll might make mistakes, but do it anyway. But so too, be ever aware — the truth you may be listening for is easily manipulated, either by your favored team audience or your own program indoctrinations. To step above, you’ll need to give up your team colors and come to a more openhearted and freer way of seeing. And please try to remember that person opposing your ideas across the aisle isn’t your enemy. Regardless of race, gender, or affiliation, that person is just another version of you, who has been presented a different criterion for their indoctrination.

Only the real truth can set them or you free. But finding it will take courage and an open mind. It’s not going to come from the profoundly polarizing and paid for corporate media news, our industry managed political figures, or those team player fanatics. Spirituality in life, represents your willingness to plumb for your best sense of truth, in the presence of the shadow. To do that, you need to keep both eyes open. Another old saying coming from the Eastern wisdom is, “your mysterious all-seeing third eye cannot open until both of your human eyes are unconditionally opened.”

Aaravindha Himadra is a teacher of consciousness. Aaravindha Himadra is the author of the spiritual bestseller “Immortal Self”.